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10 Tips for Preparing for the Fall Soccer Season

sam snowUS Youth Soccer Director of Coaching Sam Snow offers some advice for players, coaches and parents as the fall soccer season approaches.

1. Coaches — it’s not too late for you to attend a coaching course, clinic or symposium; sit in on a webinar or go watch a model training session. Take advantage of all the coaching education that your State Association has to offer. After all, your players deserve a well-informed coach.

2. Players — get your medical physical done and start doing your extra fitness workouts now.

3. Coaches and players — go watch so2014 twitter tips for parents 660x750 (2)me high level soccer. Seeing the pros or college teams perform is a fun time and a good way to understand the game even better.

4. Players — get a ball and start your own practice now. Juggle and see if you can break your personal best.  Find a wall that you can hit the ball against to improve passing and other skills. See the Player’s Guide on the US Youth Soccer website for more ideas.

5. Coaches — check out the coaches section on the US Youth Soccer website. You’ll find articles, session plans, videos and online clinics.

6. Players and coaches — check out all of the Skills School video clips on the US Youth Soccer YouTube channel.

7. Parents — find out about good sports nutrition to guide your child on the eating habits of high performance athletes. Remember, you set the table for their healthy soccer nutrition.

8. Players — get those pickup games going in your neighborhood, at school and at the soccer park.

9. Coaches — communicate consistently with the players and their parents at every training session and match this year. Good communication will pay you many dividends.

10. Everyone — enjoy your soccer!