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2016 ODP Championship Video Services


sports videousa


To Teams participating in the 2016 US Youth Soccer ODP Championships: 

Sports Video USA has made an agreement with US Youth Soccer and is proud to be the official video service provider for teams at the 2016 US Youth Soccer ODP Championships at Reach 11 Soccer complex in Phoenix AZ, February 26-28. Our company will be filming games and offering you, the teams, DVDs of the games. This tournament is a special privilege and opportunity for the players and these videos would be wonderful keepsakes and also useful for making future highlights/recruitment videos.    

For this event, we are offering a two team game package for $499, in which both games a team plays will be filmed. The team will then receive a choice between a private digital YouTube link in HD, or physical copies consisting of up to 20 DVDs/Blu Ray discs per team (choice of standard DVD or Blu Ray, shipped to ONE mailing address per team). Both digital links and physical copies will be produced and sent out via e-mail or post within 12-15 days after the end of the tournament free of charge. Because players live in different areas within the state and physical packages are sent to one mailing address per team, we strongly advise opting for the digital YouTube link, which can easily be accessed by all team members in a much more convenient manner than having to distribute discs. By request for teams choosing to receive digital links, we can also provide one SD card per team with the HD game video files, if needed for editing or other purposes.

Please note: all of our DVDs are left unlocked for editing. Anyone looking to make a highlights video themselves may certainly use footage from our DVDs or from the files contained on the SD cards.

The event is approaching. If you would like to pre-order/purchase DVDs for your two games, please e-mail with your team and age group. Your games will be filmed, and an order for the team will be placed. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail including info and payment instructions.

Availability is limited and demand is incredibly high for this event, so please do schedule as soon as possible to ensure that your games are filmed.

Thank you, and best of luck at the 2016 US Youth Soccer ODP Championships.

-Conrado Portnoy
 (949) 705-7012

Here is a sample of what your game could look like: