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Club Directory Home

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Find US Youth Soccer Clubs in your area
Get US Youth Soccer Newswire on Your Club Website [link]

US Youth Soccer has updated the highly successful Club Directory to include Google Map functionality on In an effort to assist those seeking US Youth Soccer programs in their area or maybe an area that they'll be moving to in the future, the directory will provide 24-hour access to US Youth Soccer club, league and association searches via  Your US Youth Soccer State Association is a great source to find a soccer program near you and learn more about the game.

Leaders don't delay, register with and upload your club information today.

How do I add to the directory?
1.  Register with to set your personal log-in information
2.  Click the Club Directory link and add your club, league association information
3.  You'll see your organization name, website, city and state information now listed

Note:  All entries must be approved (a member of US Youth Soccer and in good standing with its US Youth Soccer State Association) before being added to  This directory is for clubs only, not individual teams.  Best efforts will be made to have all club entries added within 24 hours.  If you currently do not have a Web site please list your site as in the interim.