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Coaching Education | Soccer Urban Myths

As with any activity in life, soccer is filled with myths. Some are comical, some are frightening, some are unbelievable and some hit too close to home for comfort. All are exceptions to the rule and all are debatable. Here are some looks at myths surrounding several areas of youth soccer.
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Physical Education Class

Soccer club coaches must now take on the role of the P. E. teacher since this subject is taught less and less often in the schools of America. Therefore our soccer coaches must know many of the teaching principles of physical education and be prepared to supplement the soccer lessons with movement education, rhythmic exercises, tumbling, etc.
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Coaching Education | Finish It

How many of us have watched as the ball has been crossed on the ground seven yards from goal – five players swing at it, but it continues to roll across the field? Or, they hit it and it goes over the cross bar? Or how many times have players tried to tee-up a power shot in the box only to have it blocked or taken away?
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Coaching Education | Barriers for Safety

Whether you are a professional coach or Mom or Dad coaching for the first time – you have tremendous influence. You are the face of your Club and a teacher and role model for your players and their parents. We need to recognize the coach who provides fun environments and practices good Risk Management.​
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Results: 4 Article(s) Found.