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Directors Cup Rules

US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup Rules

Rosters | Player/Coach Passes | Format of Competition | Game Officials | Awards | Potests and Appeals | Rules of Play | Duration of Game

Rosters -- Each club will provide a US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup roster with no more than eighteen (18) players for U14 through U16. For U17 the roster will consist of twenty–two (22) players. State Associations must supply a roster reflecting the players registered for the State level event which the National Presidents Cup Committee (DCC) can use to determine compliance with the following.
  • Rosters will have a continuity that includes at least 65% + 1 of the players who participated in the Regional Qualifiers for Presidents Cup. No player added to a team after the Regional competition is completed shall be previously rostered to a US Youth Soccer National Championship Series team.
  • Rosters MUST be legible and signed by the State Association Registrar.
  • Players MUST be listed in alphabetical order, last name first.
  • Jersey Numbers MUST be listed on the Roster.
  • All players will have a uniquely numbered jersey that matches the roster.
  • No team shall be allowed more than 18/22 players on its roster.
  • Team bench personnel (maximum of four (4) people) will have AND display on their person in a fashion that is easy to see on the lanyard provided the identification passes provided by the US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup.

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Player/Coach Passes – each player and team official listed on a team roster must carry the US Youth Soccer member pass with a current photograph of the player or team official, as the case may be, and be signed by that player or team official and the appropriate official of the State Association, and laminated prior to check in. Team officials (not PLAYERS) over the age of 17 must provide proof they have been approved by their State Risk Management Committee at check in. NO PLAYER/COACHES PASS, NO PLAY, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Format of Competition
Schedule – The US Youth Soccer NationalPresidents Cup will consist of Round Robin games to be played on Friday and Saturday, the Championships and Consolation Games will be played Sunday as follows (weather permitting):
            U14-    Friday --            Region I vs. Region II and Region III vs. Region IV
                        Saturday AM -- Region II vs. Region III and Region IV vs. Region I
                        Saturday PM -- Region III vs. Region I and Region II vs. Region IV
            U15-    Friday --            Region II vs. Region III and Region IV vs. Region I
                        Saturday AM -- Region III vs. Region I and Region II vs. Region IV
                        Saturday PM -- Region I vs. Region II and Region III vs. Region IV
            U16-    Friday --            Region III vs. Region I and Region II vs. Region IV
                        Saturday AM -- Region I vs. Region II and Region III vs. Region IV
                        Saturday PM -- Region II vs. Region III and Region IV vs. Region I
            U17-    Friday --            Region I vs. Region II and Region III vs. Region IV
                        Saturday AM -- Region II vs. Region III and Region IV vs. Region I
                        Saturday PM -- Region III vs. Region I and Region II vs. Region IV
                        Sunday             U14 Boys Championship, U14 Boys Consolation
                                                U17 Girls Championship, U17 Girls Consolation
                                                U16 Boys Championship, U16 Boys Consolation
                                                U14 Girls Championship, U14 Girls Consolation
                                                U15 Boys Championship, U15 Boys Consolation
                                                U16 Girls Championship, U16 Girls Consolation
                                                U17 Boys Championship, U17 Boys Consolation
                                                U15 Girls Championship, U15 Girls Consolation
Inclement Weather – In the event that inclement weather affects the competition the DCC reserves the right to make all decisions concerning this competition. The decisions of the DCC are final, not subject to appeal.
Game Balls. All games will be played using a size #5 ball. The DCC will supply game balls. In the unlikely event DCC officials do not provide a ball, the referee will make a choice from balls offered by both teams.
Grace Periods. Teams not ready to play at the scheduled start time of any match shall be granted a ten (10) minute grace period. A minimum of seven (7) players constitutes a team.
Home Team - Visiting Team - The team listed first in each pairing is the home team. The visiting team will have choice of jersey colors. If in the opinion of the referee there is a conflict, the home team shall change jerseys.
Technical Area - Players and team officials will be in the technical area on one side of the field. A maximum of four (4) people can represent the team officials, (i.e. coach, assistant coach, manager, trainer). Parents and spectators will be on the opposite side of the field from the technical area. Team officials must display the identification passes provided by the DCC.
Uniforms - Each player must wear an official uniform with a six inch minimum size number on the back of the shirt. Duplicate numbers are NOT permitted. Teams MUST bring an alternate jersey with a six-inch minimum size number (which is the same as their primary jersey number) on the back. No jewelry may be worn during a match.  Goalkeepers jerseys are not required to have a number.
Scoring and Tie Breakers. The standings of teams within brackets of three during the round robin portion of play are based upon the number of points earned in qualifying games.   
                        Teams earn points as follows:
                                  A. Three points for a win (including forfeits, considered a 4-0 victory)
                                  B. One point for a tie, and
                                  C. No points for a loss
Tie Breakers – In the event teams are tied on the basis of points earned at the conclusion of Round Robin play, the team's placement will be determined in accordance with the following sequential criteria:
In case two or more teams accumulate an equal number of points within any  group, the following tiebreakers will be considered in order until the tie is broken, then restarted to break the remaining tie:

A. Winner in head-to-head competition (this criteria no used if more than  two teams are tied.)

B. Highest goal difference (goals for minus goals against) with a maximum of three (3) goals difference per game counted both for and against. For example, if the score were 8-3, the calculation would be +3 goals for the winning team, -3 goals  for the losing team. If the score were 6-4, the calculation would be +2 goals for the winning team and -2 goals for the losing team.

C. Total goals allowed. Team with the fewest total goals allowed advances.

D. Kicks from the penalty mark will occur within 40 minutes of the conclusion of the last match played in the group.                                             

  • In a situation where three teams remain tied, a draw between tied teams will be conducted by the DCC to determine order of contest between tied teams. The first team drawn will receive the bye; the next team drawn will be the home team against the remaining team in the first contest of penalty kicks. The winner of the first contest will then compete against the bye team in penalty kicks to determine the winner. The bye team will be the home team.
  • Eleven players from the roster of the final game will be selected by each coach to participate, and that roster handed to the referee assigned to break the tie on a field assigned by the DCC.
  • Once the tie is broken, awards will be provided immediately.                                         
  • Players Ejected in the second or third game of the National Presidents Cup, or not listed on the game roster of the third game are not eligible to participate in the Kicks to Break Standings Tie. 

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1.      The Chairman of the US Youth Soccer Referee Committee shall appoint the Referee Chair for each annual event from among the following officials: Regional Representatives to the US Youth Soccer Referee Committee, Host State Referee Committee, and/or National Level Assignors. 

2.      Every attempt to use qualified, experienced, local officials will be made prior to bringing referees in from outside the area. Should a lack of game officials become obvious the DCC must be notified immediately.

3.      Referees appointed to officiate in any National Presidents Cup competition game may not be a past or present member of either of the competing teams.

4.      The referee must submit to the DCC on the official game report form, the results of the game, a list of the players participating in the game, and all particulars related to the  game.

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1.      Each champion and second place team will receive a Plaque or Trophy which will remain in its keeping permanently.

2.      The players and coaches of each of the four teams competing in each of the boys and girls age groups shall be awarded individual medals.

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1.     All questions relating to the qualifications of competitors, to interpretation of the rules, or any dispute or protest concerning the Presidents Cup, shall be referred to the DCC.

2.     To be valid and eligible for consideration, each protest —

  • Must be orally lodged by a Team Official who is a direct participant of the game with the referee, with the opposing coach at the game site before entering the field of play or leaving the game site, and noted on the game report at the conclusion of the match.
  • Must be filed with the DCC within 30 minutes after the completion of the game being protested, accompanied by—
     a fee of $350.00 cash;
    3 written copies of the protest, which must include full particulars of the grounds on which the protest is lodged; and
    3 written copies of any information to be presented by witnesses.
  • Any protest relating to the grounds, goal posts, bars, or other appurtenances of the game shall be entertained only if a written objection has been lodged with the referee and the opposing coach prior to the start of the game.

3.      The Chairman of the DCC with which the protest is properly lodged shall immediately on receipt of the protest notify the team against which the protest is made and shall send a copy of the protest and all particulars to that team, which will then have the right to defend its case, with or without witnesses, at a time specified by the DCC.

4.      Once the DCC has ruled there will be no appeal of that decision.

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Rules of Play

1.      Except as otherwise provided herein, the rules of US Youth Soccer and the FIFA "Laws of the Game" shall apply.

2.      Substitution - Unlimited substitutions shall be allowed during any stoppage of play except Corner Kicks and Penalty Kicks. 

3.      Discipline. Players receiving a red card in any game shall be automatically suspended for the next game. The DCC will review all dismissals and additional penalties or suspensions are possible. Any player or team personnel that is dismissed must leave the vicinity of the field before the match is restarted. An adult member of the team management MUST escort players from the field.

4.      Tournament Management - All questions relating to the qualifications of competitors, to interpretation of the rules, or any dispute or protest concerning the National Presidents Cup competitions, shall be referred to the DCC. All decisions of the DCC are final.

5.      Unfinished Games – Unfinished games, due to any cause, will be replayed from the start, provided that neither team is at fault and play has not begun in the second half. If play is stopped after completion of the first half, and cannot be resumed as determined by the DCC, and provided neither team is at fault, the DCC may deem the game completed. Should play be stopped at any time due to one of the teams being adjudged at fault, it shall be at the discretion of the DCC as to whether the game is to be replayed, stand as is, or declared a forfeit.

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Age Group
Game Length
Overtime Periods (No Overtime periods during Round Robin play)
Under 17
Two 45' halves
Two 15' halves
Under 16
Two 40' halves
Two 15' halves
Under 15
Two 40' halves
Two 15' halves
Under 14
Two 35' halves
Two 10' halves

Ties at the conclusion of regulation play in Championship Games only will be determined first by the completion of two equal overtime periods as required by the FIFA Laws of the Game and as prescribed by these rules. Matches that remain tied at the conclusion of the second overtime period will be determined by Kicks from the Penalty Mark as prescribed in the FIFA Laws of the Game.