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Parenting Education | The Fun Integration Theory

Children cite ‘fun’ as the primary reason for participation in organized sport and its absence as the number one reason for youth sport attrition. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to develop a theoretical framework of fun using a novel mixed-method assessment of participants in sport (FUN MAPS) via concept mapping.
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Parenting Education | The Want to Win

Winning proves everything. It identifies perfection and the highest ideals of sport, so we are led to believe and yet we have all these awards and winners but far fewer real players and coaches. The problem is compounded by the Al Davis’s of this world who trumpet out, “win baby, win” everyday in the media. Statistics back up the claims and the vast army of youth coaches and parents suddenly see the Holy Grail of success staring directly at them. Winning solves and proves all. Or does it?
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Parenting Education | Simple Guidelines for Youth Soccer Parents

In negotiating the world of youth soccer, it is helpful to the players, the coach and the parents or guardians to understand what is expected of them. Some simple guidelines for parents/guardians helps establish the rules. Key to success is to remember that kids play soccer to have fun and to enjoy themselves. Keep big rules for big kids and the pros. For the younger players keep it simple so they can have fun.
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Joy Fawcett, Tom Farrey talk about improving youth soccer experience

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The inaugural US Youth Soccer Leadership Summit, presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods, provided administrators from all across the country with the opportunity to hear and share ideas to help push the game forward in the United States.
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Parenting Education | How Young is Too Young to Start Training?

The interest from parents and coaches to help youth enhance sport performance has fostered a growth in youth strength and conditioning, performance enhancement and injury prevention programs in fitness centers and private training facilities. These programs have raised concerns from parents, clinicians, coaches and fitness professionals regarding the timing of when it is safe or optimal to integrate more specialized training.
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Parenting Education | How We Play on Game Day

Check out this page with some reminders about the way we want our kids to play. Parents must keep in mind that while the objective of each game may be to win, it is also just as important to focus on development and having fun. Check out the document for more information on what your kids should and should not be doing during games.
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Parenting Education | Fostering Good Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship occurs when teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials treat each other with respect. Kids learn the basics of sportsmanship from the adults in their lives, especially their parents and their coaches. Kids who see adults behaving in a sportsmanlike way gradually come to understand that the real winners in sports are those who know how to persevere and to behave with dignity - whether they win or lose a game.
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Parenting Education | Healthy Fuel for Healthy Athletes

This helpful infographic breaks down what your athlete should be eating before, during and after a game or practice. There are also some tips for tournament time, when there may be even less time for meals between games. Check it out!
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Parenting Education | College Scholarships: The Parent's Guide to Coaching Assessment

The purpose of this article is to offer a simple, observable framework for separating the good coach from the good talker. Simply, how well a team is organized to play in a constructive manner, and how well the individuals understand their roles in attack and defense says everything about the coach’s underlying motivations and their understanding of the long-term player development process.
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Parenting Education | Changing the Culture of Youth Sports

The culture of youth sports has been under close scrutiny recently. Parents and athletes are faced with more questions than ever: Are certain sports unsafe? Will the coach know what to do if an athlete is injured? How does an athlete know when to speak up about an injury? With rule changes and a win-at-any-cost mentality, are sports no longer fun?
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Results: 13 Article(s) Found.