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Parenting Education | Changing the Culture of Youth Sports

The culture of youth sports has been under close scrutiny recently. Parents and athletes are faced with more questions than ever: Are certain sports unsafe? Will the coach know what to do if an athlete is injured? How does an athlete know when to speak up about an injury? With rule changes and a win-at-any-cost mentality, are sports no longer fun? Read More...
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Parenting Education | Concussion Guidelines

This document from U.S. Soccer's Recognize to Recover initiative outlines facts about concussions and some symptoms that coaches and parents should look for in their players. It also answers a few commonly asked questions about what parents should do if their child has sustained a concussion. Read More...​
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Parenting Education | Healthy Fuel for Healthy Athletes

Avoid eating fried or fatty fast foods. These foods take a long time to digest, using energy your muscles need to help you play your best, and potentially causing stomach cramps.
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Parenting Education | The Fun Integration

Children cite ‘fun’ as the primary reason for participation in organized sport and its absence as the number one reason for youth sport attrition. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to develop a theoretical framework of fun using a novel mixed-method assessment of participants in sport (FUN MAPS) via concept mapping.
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Parenting Education | Free Copy: Changing the Game

When we take our kids to their athletic events, we are not sure that this is happening anymore. Youth sports has changed, and in many ways not for the better. Changing the Game is a guide to help parents and coaches ensure that athletics is a positive and rewarding experience for our kids. It is also a roadmap for adults to use to give the game back to our kids, to put the “play” back in playing sports.​
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What I Didn't See Made Me Proud

As a father, I am bursting with pride tonight after my daughter's soccer tournament. The girls fought hard and gave their best. However, on this day the other team earned the hard fought victory.
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Parenting Education | Summer Camps

I was recently asked by a soccer parent about any recommendations that I might have for summer camps. While I cannot endorse any one camp over another, I can help provide some questions that parents should be asking when evaluating whether they will sign-up for one camp over another. Here is my response.
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Parenting Education | College Recruiting

The college soccer recruiting process can be intimidating and overwhelming to navigate, having recruited at each level of college soccer (NCAA Division I II, and III). This document has taken coaches’ biggest complaints and transformed them into 7 tips that you can use to help guide your player through this period.
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Sideline etiquette: 6 tips to make youth soccer better for parents and players

682x422_Media_Wall_Sideline Etiq
Every once in a while, however, a player’s attention may be drawn to his or her hyper parent yelling instructions or making a scene from the sideline. While parents’ actions may simply be the result of wanting the best for their child, their behavior can have a negative effect on their young athlete’s enjoyment of the game.
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Results: 9 Article(s) Found.