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Presidents Cup Rules

US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup


Rules of Play

  1. Rules – Except as otherwise provided herein, the rules of US Youth Soccer and the FIFA "Laws of the Game" shall apply.
  2. Substitution – Unlimited substitutions shall be allowed during any stoppage of play except Corner Kicks and Penalty Kicks.
  3. Discipline – Players or team personnel receiving a red card in any game shall be automatically suspended for the next game. The National Presidents Cup Committee will review all dismissals and additional penalties or suspensions are possible. Any player or team personnel that are dismissed must leave the vicinity of the field before the match is restarted. An adult member of the team management MUST accompany players from the field and remain at the designated waiting area until the conclusion of the game.
  4. Tournament Management – All questions relating to the qualifications of competitors, to interpretation of the rules, or any dispute or protest concerning the National Presidents Cup competitions, shall be referred to the National Presidents Cup Committee. All decisions of the Committee are final.
  5. Unfinished Games – If inclement weather affects the Presidents Cup competition, the following rules will apply regarding play and the determination of a winning team, in the order stated: (a) If play is suspended or the start of play is delayed, the Committee may eliminate overtime periods. If the game is tied at the conclusion of regulation playing time, the game will go immediately to FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark. (b) The game length may be reduced to 70 minutes for the 17-year-old age group and 60 minutes for the 16-year-old age group. If the game is determined beyond these times, the result of the game will stand. If the game is tied or does not reach those times, then advancement in the competition will be determined by FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark. (c) If, in the opinion of the National Presidents Cup Committee, additional steps to assure the safe conclusion of the Presidents Cup competition are needed, those decisions will be communicated to all designated team managers before they are implemented.
  6. Game Balls – All games will be played using a size #5 ball. The National Presidents Cup Committee will supply game balls. In the unlikely event National President Cup Committee officials do not provide a ball, the referee will make a choice from balls offered by both teams.