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US Youth Soccer Concussion Protocol

A revised concussion protocol and form has been approved by the US Youth Soccer Board of Directors and applies to all US Youth Soccer program and events.  Please see below for the protocol and form that will be followed during all US Youth Soccer events.

  • US Youth Soccer Concussion Protocol and Procedure [PDF] UPDATED 02/14/2015
  • US Youth Soccer Concussion Form [PDF] UPDATED 02/14/2015

Please be advised that after a player receives a completed US Youth Soccer Concussion Form due to displaying signs and symptoms of a concussion, that player may not return to play until a signed clearance form from a medical doctor or doctor of osteopath who specializes in concussion treatment and management has been received.  Please refer to the form for further details.

The clearance must be on a document from the medical doctor's office stating that the player has been cleared to return to play and is clear of symptoms.  The document must be signed by the official.

If a player is cleared during the event, please notify your State Rep and bring the signed clearance to the event headquarters.

If a player is cleared post-event, please contact the US Youth Soccer National Office at 972-334-9300.