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USSF Bylaws

Bylaws of U.S. Soccer Federation, Inc.

Download complete bylaws here:
(As Revised and Amended, Effective September 1, 2010)
Bylaw 603. INTERPLAY
Section 1. One Organization Member may not require that all of the players, coaches,
teams, and administrators of another Organization Member (who have been registered with, and fees paid to, the Federation as required by section 1 of Bylaw 212) be registered with the first Organization Member as a condition for only some of those players, coaches, teams, or administrators participating in the activities of the first Organization Member. The first Organization Member may require registration of only those players, coaches, teams, and
administrators of the other Organization Member that actually participate in the activities of the first Organization Member. Those players, coaches, teams, and administrators of the other
Organization Member registering with the first Organization Member shall comply with all of
the regular registration requirements of the first Organization Member.

28 Section 2. An Organization Member (other than a Professional League) shall not
discriminate against the participation of players, teams, coaches or clubs on the basis of that
player, coach, team, or club's membership in, or affiliation with, another organization. The
Federation encourages its Organization Members to allow teams of all other Members to
participate in tournaments sponsored by them or any of its organization members when the teams otherwise comply with the tournament eligibility requirements. A tournament sponsor may charge each team of another Member an additional fee of not more than $25 to participate in the tournament.
Section 1. Each Organization Member shall satisfy all of the following requirements:
(1) except as otherwise required by applicable law, comply with all Bylaws,
policies and requirements of the Federation, and all statutes, regulations,
directives and decisions of FIFA and CONCACAF, to the extent
applicable to that classification of Organization Member.
(2) submit to the Federation any amendment to its organizational documents
or its governing documents not later than ninety (90) days after adoption
of such an amendment.
(3) submit to the Federation its most current annual financial statements
within ninety (90) days after the start of the seasonal year.
(4) except Associates and as provided by Section 1 of Bylaw 603
(A) require that every player, coach, trainer, manager, administrator
and official that is sponsored, financed, coached, organized or
administered by an Organization Member or a member organization of an
Organization Member be registered with the appropriate Organization
Member; and
(B) register with the Federation at least once each seasonal year the
names and addresses of those players, coaches, trainers, managers,
administrators, and officials registered with such Organization Member,
and such individuals shall have the membership rights accorded to them
under these Bylaws.
(5) pay fees due to the Federation by the deadline the fees are required to be
(6) comply with the Amateur Sports Act.
(7) if the Organization Member is responsible for recruiting, training, fielding
or funding soccer players, it must establish a risk management program
that evaluates potential registrants to determine whether their participation
poses a risk to the safety of other participants in the Organization 6 Members' activities.
Section 2. Except as specifically provided otherwise in these Bylaws, each Organization
Member has exclusive jurisdiction over its own programs and activities; provided, however, that any Organization Member or other person or entity subject to the jurisdiction of the Federation which desires to conduct an international competition to be held in the United States, or to sponsor an international competition to be held outside the United States, must first obtain a sanction from the Federation.