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2006 Workshop Presentations

2006 Workshop Presentations

Administrative Presentations
Robert's Rules of Order: More Successful Meetings [doc]
2006 Youth Soccer Month - Celebrating Soccer in America [ppt]
US Youth Soccer Risk Management [ppt]
US Youth Soccer Risk Management Part II [ppt]
New Federation Policy 212-1 and Interplay [doc]
Marketing & Sales [ppt]
The American Competitiveness and Corporate Accountability Act of 2002 [ppt]
Document Retention and Destruction Policy [doc]
Fraudulent or Dishonest Conduct & Whistleblower Policy Statement [doc]

Coaching Presentations
International Youth Soccer Clubs [doc]
Club Best Practices [pdf]
New Trends for Warming Up and Cooling Down [pdf]
Team Building Activities [doc]
Team Building Drills [doc]
Teaching Games for Understanding [ppt]
Penalty Box Drills [pdf]
Coaching TOPSoccer Athletes [ppt]
TOPSoccer Drills [doc]
Soccer Fit [doc]
Nutritional and Dietary Plans for Soccer Tournament Play [ppt]
Prevention and Care of Injuries [ppt]
Common Soccer Injuries [ppt]
ACL Reduction with Dynamic Stretching [doc]
Growth, Maturation and Physique of Youth Soccer Players [ppt]
Implications of Early and Late Maturation for Youth Soccer Players [ppt]
Maturity-associated variation in the growth and functional capacities of youth players [pdf]
Height, mass and skeletal maturity of the elite Portuguese soccer players aged 11-16 [pdf]
Maturity-associated variation in sports-specific skills of youth soccer players [pdf]
ACL Prevention [ppt]
Pevent Injury and Enhance Performance Field Set-up [gif]
Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance Exercises [pdf]
Game Situations - The Base for appropriate exercises [pdf]
Improving Technical and Tactical Movements in Small-Sided Games [doc]
Practicing within Exercises Out of Game Situations [pdf]
Coaching Styles and How They Impact Player Development [pdf]