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Leadership Resource Center

US Youth Soccer Leadership Resource Center 

In February 2004, US Youth Soccer unveiled the latest in the growing list of membership services, the Leadership Resource Center (LRC). This service was designed to provide a resource center accessible by state association staff and their elected leadership. The information posted will assist in the development and administration of our organizations while saving time and expense of research.

The LRC will also make membership more valuable and continue to open channels of communication within our organization. The LRC located on under the Administrators tab is designed for the leadership of US Youth Soccer only.

Topics and documents that can/ could be shared include:
General, Financial, and Administrative Personnel Policies and Procedures Coaching and Referee Handbooks and Policies Hearing and Adjudication
Manuals Risk Management Policies
Registration Policies
State Cup and US Youth Soccer ODP Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
Related events and more...

The L.R.C.'s contents are confidential and may be legally privileged. Account holders must not copy, forward, or disclose the information contained in it, or distribute publicly in any way. These documents are the property of the publishing party and/or US Youth Soccer and can only be used as templates by those authorized to access this resource.

Leadership Resource Center Message Board Thread [link]

Human Resources
Expense Forms - [Direct] [Charged]
IYSA Executive Director Responsibilities
IYSA Committee Chair Job Description
IYSA Committees Job Description
IYSA Developing Policies
IYSA Executive Committee Job Description
IYSA Finance Committee Job Description
IYSA Meeting Evaluation Form
IYSA Mini Board Self-Assessment Survey
IYSA President Job Description
IYSA State Office Org Chart 2002
IYSA Treasurer Job Description-1
IYSA Treasurer Job Description 

Toolkit for membership [link]
Crisis Communication [doc]
Parent Education - An Introduction to Youth Soccer [pdf] [link]
Youth Soccer Month Promotional Guide [ppt]
Youth Soccer Month Year In Review - Presentation from 2006 Workshop (4MB) [ppt]
Economic Impact Sample Formula [xls]
US Youth Soccer Media Information and Team Profile Form [doc]

US Youth Soccer Media Kit [link]
US Youth Soccer Style Guidelines [link]
US Youth Soccer At A Glance [link]
Boilerplates [link]
Milestones [link]
Organization Profile [link]
Key statistics [link]

Registration Banner Template 3'x10' [ai] [jpg]

Add your local information to these US Youth Soccer fliers to promote your upcoming registration, click here for a sample of a completed flyer or click one of the templates below to create your own:

Registration Flyer 1 - "Generic Soccer Sign-Ups" [jpeg]
Registration Flyer 2 - "Girls Soccer Sign-Ups" [jpeg]
Registration Flyer 3 - "Boys Soccer Sign-Ups" [jpeg]
Registration Flyer 4 - "Generic Soccer Sign-Ups" [jpeg]

Registration Flyer 1 - "Generic Soccer Registration" [jpeg]
Registration Flyer 2 - "Girls Soccer Registration" [jpeg]
Registration Flyer 3 - "Boys Soccer Registration" [jpeg]

Registration Flyer 1 - "Generic Soccer Try-Outs" [jpeg]
Registration Flyer 2 - "Girls Soccer Try-Outs" [jpeg]
Registration Flyer 3 - "Boys Soccer Try-Outs" [jpeg]

Futbol Inscribete - "Registration Flyer en Espanol" [jpeg]

Public Relations Presentation from Workshop - Equipping Yourself to Engage with the Media [ppt]

Conflict of Interest Policy - Mass Youth [doc]
Request for Proposal for Auditing Purposes - Mass Youth [doc]
Youth Organization Members of the USSF | Executive Summary [link]
Tax basics for 501(c)(3) (a helpful website from the IRS) []
Independent Contractor Agreement Form [doc]
US Youth Soccer Position Paper on Contract Labor [doc]
Multi-Sport Affiliation Tier (Alaska Youth Soccer) [ppt]

Risk Management
Risk Management Procedure [doc]
Background Check Standards Policy Request [doc]
Background Check Review Standard [doc]
Background Disclosure Form [doc]
Who Must File Disclosures [doc]
Example of Conviction Spreadsheet [xls]
Expunging Criminal Records [doc]
Conviction Matrix [xls]
Weather Related White Paper Sample [doc]

Executive Directors Seminar Files 2004
Insurance Documents:
15 Passenger Vans
Coach Checklist
Letter Example
Soccer Goal Safety
US Youth Soccer Auto Rental
Boston Executive Powerpoint

Technology and Member Service:
Web site Technology Overview
HR Benefits 2004
Online Registration Survey

Indiana Youth Soccer Association - Strategic Initiatives [several documents below]
IYSA Board Member Job Description
IYSA Board Officers
IYSA Committees of the IYSA Board Draft (10.14.03)
IYSA BOD Evaluation Tool
IYSA BOD Job Description
IYSA BOD Organization

2005 US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop and Coaches Convention - Presentations:
State Association Risk Management - Presentation from 2005 SLC Workshop [ppt]
What Treasurers Should Know - Presentation from from 2005 SLC Workshop [ppt]
Selecting the Right TOPSoccer Model - Presentation from 2005 SLC Workshop [ppt] - Resource for assistance regarding legal issues (trademark work, becoming a corporation,etc.) [link] - Resource for low cost web solutions including Microsoft applications. [link]


2011 LDS Sessions (Louisville, Ky., Workshop)

Action plan [pdf]
Annual board evaluation sample [pdf]
Board member expectations sample [pdf]
Board nominating procedures sample [pdf]
Board responsibilities sample [pdf]
Board skills grid sample [xls]
Code of ethics sample [pdf]
Committee descriptions sample [pdf]
Conflict of interest statement sample [pdf]
Goal and resource worksheet [pdf]
Good governance [pdf]
Insurance 101 [pdf]
Key staff personal succession plan [pdf]
Key staff positions and skills [pdf]
Key staff strategic planning [pdf]
Key staff succession performance plan [pdf]
Key staff value of succession planning [pdf]
Key staff values statement [pdf]
Membership breakout group notes [pdf]
Mission statement exercise [pdf]
New board member check list sample [pdf]
Officer position descriptions sample [pdf]
Prospective board member questionnaire sample [pdf]
Strategy and objectives worksheet [pdf]

2010 LDS Sessions (Fort Worth, Texas Workshop)

990 IRS Form [ppt]
Board Development and Succession Planning [ppt]
·         Sample Ethics Policy [doc]
·         Sample Board Policies to include Sarbanes Oxley and IRS Form 990 Items [doc]
·         Sample Conflict of Interest Policy & Disclosure [doc]
Membership Development Strategies [ppt]
·         Sample Membership Development Rebate Proposal [doc]
Strategic Planning [ppt]
·         Sample Strategic Planning Action Plan Summary [ppt]
Human Resource Management [ppt]
Additional HR Assets:
·         Sample Job Posting [pdf]
·         Sample Compensation Summary [pdf]
·         Sample Non-exempt Job Description [pdf]
·         Sample Exempt Job Description [pdf]
·         Sample Employee Handbook Framework [pdf]
·         Sample Interview Questions [pdf]
·         Sample Phone Interview Questions [pdf]
·         Sample Performance Evaluation [pdf]
·         Sample Hire Letter [pdf]



US Youth Soccer Strategic Planning Page
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