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US Youth Soccer Workshop Presentation Downloads

The following presentations were presented at the US Youth Soccer Workshop and are for educational uses only. These presentations should not be copied, edited and represented in any way.
Document Description Post Date
The Committee Conundrum – Which Ones Do I Need? Shorter Meetings. Better Results. .PPTX Document Ruth E. Nicholson, Nicholson Facilitation & Associates, LLC Jan 27, 2017
Non-profits and State Associations leveraging resources to serve non-traditional soccer communities .PPTX Document Robert Poretti, Marc Maxey & Sarah Pickens Jan 27, 2017
Safeguarding Your Organization: Understanding Soccer Insurance Coverages .PDF Document Pullen Insurance Services Jan 27, 2017
Public Records and Criminal Backgrounds .PPTX Document Jan 27, 2017
Youth Injury in Sport .PPTX Document Chris Keldorf, Fusionetics Jan 27, 2017
Three Keys to Securing a Major Sponsor for your Club .PPTX Document Dave Brown, DB Communications Jan 27, 2017
Addendum to “A Grant Writing Starters Kit for Your Club or Organization” .PDF Document Dave Brown, DB Communications Jan 27, 2017
A Grant Writing Starters Kit for Your Club or Organization .PPTX Document Dave Brown, DB Communications Jan 27, 2017
Coaching the Female Athlete .PDF Document Jennifer Pfeiffer, Arkansas State Soccer Association Jan 26, 2017
Talent identification in soccer: Are there any early markers of success? .PDF Document Mark Williams, Univ. of Utah Jan 23, 2017
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2012-2017 Workshop Presentations

Available in the document center above

2011 Workshop Presentations
Coaching Presentations

US Youth Soccer online education
The soccer environment
Sports concussions
Heads Up Concussion in Sports
Concussion management plan
Recovery methods
Role of cognitive growth in club player development
The game as the teacher
TOPSoccer Demo
TOPSoccer: the game for all abilities
TOPSoccer: using the buddy system
Under-12 group play
Reading the game
Principles of play
Possession with purpose
Physical maturity
NC Youth Academy
Maximizing recovery and performance
Human development program
Guided discovery as a coaching method
Goalkeeping deflections
Goalkeeping breakaways
Elite Soccer Overhaul
Defending I
Combination play for two or three players
Club development
Basis of transition
Assessor feedback
Applied psychology and player development
Anerobic fitness with the ball
9v9 Attacking

Administrative Presentations
US Youth Soccer available resources
Fiduciary duties
National League revision
Nonprofit fraud prevention and deterrence and response
Nonprofit unrelated business income tax
Parliamentary procedures answer sheet
Disciplinary Session with Criminal Misconduct
Registrars roundtable
Soccer in a digital world
Sponsorships: a two way street
Presidents Cup presentation
Partnering for success
Nonprofit unrelated business income tax
Nonprofit fraud prevention deterrence and response
National League revisions
Increasing TOPSoccer participation
Governance and board composition
Ethics and morals
Effective branding
Common misconceptions surounding background checks
Administrators' role in player development

Referee presentations
Consistency between instructors and assesssors
Referee technology in the youth game
Online annual referee registration and testing
U.S. Soccer Referee Department

2010 Workshop Presentations
Coaching Presentations

Parents, our biggest problem or our second largest asset [2mb]
An American abroad [1.5mb]
Club director of coaching, why and how? [192kb]
Combination play in the attacking third [59kb]
Defending to win [105kb]
FC Dallas youth [142kb]
How to attack against high and low pressure defense [1.3mb]
Implementing respect for referees [1.5mb]
Intercepting Passes [804kb]
Player development pathways [22.6mb]
Player development for the future [669kb]
Principles of midfield play [114kb]
Teaching principles of group defending [531kb]
The attacking goalkeeper [10mb]
Coach as a moral guide and educator [552kb]
The modern American player [1.6mb]
TOPSoccer, coaching without tears [216kb]
What's your role in player development? [334kb]

Administrator Presentations
Soccer Advocacy [624kb]
Media relations [558kb]
Kohl's American Cup session [2.5mb]
Background screening strategies [1.4mb]
Contracts and meeting planning [433kb]
Copyrights and trademarks [244kb]
Dos and don'ts of field building [332kb]
Electronic risk management package [199kb]
Fiduciary duties of officers and directors [400kb]
Form 990 presentation [2.8mb]
Marketing youth sports [1.7mb]
Parliamentary proceedure, what's that? [43kb]
Preparing for an audit [444kb]
Registrars roundtable [540kb]
Soccer in disadvantaged areas [1.5mb]
Top 10 claims made [267kb]
Volunteerism [1.2mb]

2009 Workshop Presentations
Coaching Presentations

US Youth Soccer Model Clubs [2.29mb]
Global Academies [2.8mb]
Using Conditioned Games to Develop Technique Part 1 [102kb]
The Role of Play in Player Development [508kb]
Teaching Principles of Group Defending [252kb]
Soccer Speed[60kb]
Recreation Academies [727kb]
Plays Americans Must Learn to Make [953kb]
Player Assessment in US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program [104kb]
Play Days A Recreational Solution Under-6 [76kb]
Play Days A Recreational Solution Under-8 [104kb]
Master the Ball: A Unique Concept to Stay On Top of Your Opponent [220kb]
Leadership: Raising Our Game [311kb]
Female Coaches: Where are they? [342kb]
Coaching TOPSoccer [744kb]
Club Director: Why and How? [2.257kb]

Administrator Presentations
What? Me Chair a Meeting? [325kb]
So You Want to Own and Build Your Own Soccer Complex [1.44mb]
Hiring and Firing [2.82mb]
2008-09 Tax Update for the Nonprofit Organization Manual [412kb]
2008-09 Tax Update for the Nonprofit Organization Slides [865kb]
Youth Soccer Month [4.25mb]
Kohl's American Cup Best Practices [5.48mb]
Bylaws and Policies PowerPoint [1.44mb]
Bylaws and Policies Document [84kb]


2008 Workshop Presentation

Administrator Presentations

TOPSoccer [1.54mb]
Registrars [263kb]

Coaching Presentations
Academy Programs, What are They? [244kb]
Under-9 Academy Review [39kb]
Attacking with the Fullbacks
Build the Player First, Then the Team
Building a Club Wide, Free-Play Festival Program [417kb] 
Festival Control Sheet [31kb]
Festival Score Sheet [39kb]
Coaching – How to Improve Independence [4mb]
Video 1 [3mb]
Video 2 [5mb]
Coaching by Knowing | Understanding Each Child's Strengths and Development Needs [2.25mb]
Player Attitudes Evaluation Results [120kb]
Combination Play [463kb]
Developing the American Player [232kb]
Dribbling with Purpose [47 kb]
Finishing [985kb]
Foundational Skills [4mb]
Foundation Skills worksheet [261kb]
Skills video 1 [582kb]
Skills video 2 [623kb]
From the End to the Beginning with Player Development
Full Service Soccer Club
Game Application of Ball Skills
Goal Scoring Opportunities
Head Injuries in Soccer Separating Fact from Emotion [1.67mb]
How Do We Expand the Player Development Pyramid [945kb]
Leadership: How to Develop Winners
Playing, Practice, Training – How Can We Do It All? [1.59mb]
Preventing Common Soccer Injuries [2.46mb]
Progressive Systems of Play [1.04mb]
Receiving [659 kb]
Reducing the Dropout Rate in Youth Soccer [23kb]
Soccer as a Lifetime Sport Begins at U6 [774kb]
Speed of Play
Tackling [368kb]
Technical Development for U10/U12 Goalkeepers
The Game is the Best Teacher [5.35kb]
The Keeper's Role in Defending and Attacking [616kb]
The Use of the Coach's Toolbox [23kb]
Transition from Defense to Attack [155kb]
What is Technical? What is Skill? [26kb]
Why Movement Experiences at the Under-6 a Soccer Career

2007 Workshop Presentation

Administrator Presentations
US Youth Soccer Position Paper on Independent Contract Labor [65kb]
Independent Contractor Short Form [69kb]
Why US Youth Soccer ODP Works for Girls [168kb]
Sponsorship Boot Camp [533kb]
Selling Sponsorships Strategies [308kb]
Do's and Don'ts in Running a Meeting [156kb]
Do's and Don'ts in Running a Meeting Answer Sheet [82kb]
Crisis Communications [3.69mb]
Crisis Communications Handout [1.22mb]
Media One [2.36mb]
Concession Stand Guide [662kb]
Concession Stand Guide Appendix [67.3kb]
Concession Stand Quick Check List [78.8kb]
Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance [1.55mb]
Oregon City TOPSoccer Begins with a Bang [202kb]
Positive Parenting [189kb]
Soccer Start: Tackling Challenges [3.36mb]
Developing and Managing a Successful League [104kb]
101 E-Learning Tips to Support Volunteer Education in Youth Soccer [2.95mb]
Tournament Hotel Safety [465kb]
Tryouts: Right or Wrong? [1.55mb]
USSF Foundation [2.46mb]
US Youth Soccer ODP Presentation [1.65mb]
Soccer Start: Tackling the Challenges [4.08mb]

Coach Presentations
Components of Modern Goalkeeping [168kb]
The Novice Coach DVD Series [1.65mb]
Coaching TOPSoccer Athletes [1.8mb]
Nutrition [1.43mb]
How Children Acquire Skill [378kb]
Learning to Keep the Ball [4.17mb]
Learning How to Keep the Ball Handout [4.17mb]
Completing the American Soccer Player [162kb]
Key Features of Elite Young Player Development in Europe [691kb]
Game Fixing [723kb]
Game Fixing Handout [213kb]
Dribbling with Under-8 and Under-9 Players [778kb]
Future DVD Projects [1.06mb]
Getting Started: Maximizing Youth Warm-up [396kb]
Defending: How To Intercept Passes [471kb]
The Goalkeeper Dance [117kb]
The KINS Program (Kicking Is Not Soccer) [1.19mb]
The KINS Program Manual [213kb]
Passing and Receiving from Under-6 to Under-14 [22kb]
Technical Fitness [1.83mb]
PE in the Soccer Environment [1.97mb]
PE in the Soccer Environment Handout [724kb]
PE in the Soccer Environment Demo Activities [1.36mb]

2006 Workshop Presentation

Administrative Presentations
Robert's Rules of Order: More Successful Meetings [doc]
2006 Youth Soccer Month - Celebrating Soccer in America [ppt]
US Youth Soccer Risk Management [ppt]
US Youth Soccer Risk Management Part II [ppt]
New Federation Policy 212-1 and Interplay [doc]
Marketing & Sales [ppt]
The American Competitiveness and Corporate Accountability Act of 2002 [ppt]
Document Retention and Destruction Policy [doc]
Fraudulent or Dishonest Conduct & Whistleblower Policy Statement [doc]

Coaching Presentations
International Youth Soccer Clubs [doc]
Club Best Practices [pdf]
New Trends for Warming Up and Cooling Down [pdf]
Team Building Activities [doc]
Team Building Drills [doc]
Teaching Games for Understanding [ppt]
Penalty Box Drills [pdf]
Coaching TOPSoccer Athletes [ppt]
TOPSoccer Drills [doc]
Soccer Fit [doc]
Nutritional and Dietary Plans for Soccer Tournament Play [ppt]
Prevention and Care of Injuries [ppt]
Common Soccer Injuries [ppt]
ACL Reduction with Dynamic Stretching [doc]
Growth, Maturation and Physique of Youth Soccer Players [ppt]
Implications of Early and Late Maturation for Youth Soccer Players [ppt]
Maturity-associated variation in the growth and functional capacities of youth players [pdf]
Height, mass and skeletal maturity of the elite Portuguese soccer players aged 11-16 [pdf]
Maturity-associated variation in sports-specific skills of youth soccer players [pdf]
ACL Prevention [ppt]
Pevent Injury and Enhance Performance Field Set-up [gif]
Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance Exercises [pdf]
Game Situations - The Base for appropriate exercises [pdf]
Improving Technical and Tactical Movements in Small-Sided Games [doc]
Practicing within Exercises Out of Game Situations [pdf]
Coaching Styles and How They Impact Player Development [pdf]