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Kohl's American Cup FAQ
1. Can I host a Kohl's American Cup even if there is not a Kohl's store in my area?
Yes. Kohl's loves the American Cup program because it allows them to reach out to customers nationwide. Today, you can find stores in neighborhoods across the United States.  And, every year, Kohl's continues to build new stores in new states, working to reach all of their customers nationwide. Plus, you can shop Kohl's online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for all the brand names and great values you've come to expect from Kohl's.
2. How can I get the Kohl's American Cup logo in a printable format? 
Once your Kohl's American Cup event is scheduled, you will receive an event manual containing all of the event guidelines and best practices. Each manual comes with a CD that has the Kohl's American Cup logo in numerous file formats (JPEG a lo-res format and EPS a high-res format). If the format you need is not on the CD, contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the necessary files.
3. Can I add the name of our host organization to the logo? 
It is very important to build the identity of the Kohl's American Cup. We ask that you not make any changes that directly alter the Kohl's American Cup logo. If you would like to add your host organization's name to any pre-produced program materials such as the certificates, you may do so by attaching stickers or stamps separate from the logo. If you would like to add the year, city and/or state to the logo please contact Kim,, with your additions to the logo. 
4. If I have the Kohl's American Cup Soccer Experience Vehicle coming to my event, what components am I responsible for setting up?
The Kohl's American Cup Soccer Experience Vehicle comes with two staff members who will be responsible for the set-up and break-down of the Interactive Village.  This includes the three inflatables, the soccer drills/games area, tents and banners.  Each host organization is responsible for the set up of event collateral and materials outside the Interactive Village (for example, any event banners set-up on or near the fields of play, tents used for concession stands or vendor/sponsor displays).  Please note that if your event is being hosted at multiple facilities, the host organization is responsible for picking up and returning any materials that are set up outside the main event facility.
5. Do I have to provide the staff for the Kohl's American Cup Soccer Experience Vehicle?
The host organization must provide at least 5 volunteers throughout the event to assist the Kohl's American Cup staff with the Interactive Village. For information on how to secure volunteers via the Kohl's A-Team program please refer back to Kohl's American Cup page on
6. Will I receive enough premiums for every player?
Yes. Every participant will receive 2 Kohl's American Cup premium items and a Participation Certificate.