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Kohl's American Cup Philosophy

Kohl's American Cup Philosophy

The Kohl's American Cup philosophy rests in granting all players equal opportunities and benefits within their level of play in the sport of soccer.  All players have the right to participate in the game in order to develop and exhibit their skills while enjoying themselves.  The Kohl's American Cup format provides recreational players with a developmental opportunity by emphasizing participation, as opposed to competition in a family-centered environment.

Basic Guidelines
The Kohl's American Cup is a unique tournament in that it is only open to recreational players.  The tournament follows a set of guidelines that are administered at the league or state level, as follows:

1.      Every recreational player shall have an equal opportunity to participate in every game.

2.      The formation of recreational teams follows an open or controlled registration policy where every player is accepted and assigned to a roster regardless of ability.

3.      Player participation in a low-stress, fun-filled environment is promoted.

The Use of Small-Sided Games
Since the Kohl's American Cup aims to encourage recreational participation and player growth, the use of small-sided games is the highly recommended play format for players under the age of 10.

The Small-Sided Game format also allows flexibility in scheduling games in older age divisions where the number of players may be limited.  Additionally, Small-Sided Games allow small associations or those that are newly formed the opportunity to compete against teams that have a similar player pool from which to draw.

A number of local associations are already using the small-sided games format.  By requiring that all Kohl's American Cup tournament play under the age of 10 includes the Small-Sided format, associations or leagues that currently play this format are not at a disadvantage in tournament play.  Teams playing full-sided games will have no problems participating in Small-Sided Games, but it is difficult for teams that normally play Small-Sided Games to be forced to play full-sided games.

* Consult /coaches/SmallSidedGames/ for more information on Small-Sided Games