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Kohl's American Cup Soccer Experience

Kohl's American Cup is the nation's most exciting recreational tournament and is designed to introduce players to the fun and excitement involved in the sport. The excitement continues this year through the all new Soccer Experience featuring brand new inflatables.

Get an early peek at the brand new US Youth Soccer Kohl's American Cup inflatables that will be at your event.


Kohl’s American Cup Soccer Experience includes the following:

  • (1) On-site Coordinator: this person will contact you the Monday prior to the event to discuss set up time and location. 
  • Fully equipped sound system with speakers and microphone that can be used to play music and make announcements.
  • Kohl’s American Cup Kid Zone (formerly known as the ‘Interactive Experience’) –
    • Kohl’s American Cup Welcome Arch
    • Kohl’s American Cup Goalie Kick Inflatable
    • Kohl’s American Cup Dribble Race Inflatable
    • Kohl’s American Cup Speed Kick Inflatable
    • Soccer balls for all inflatables
    • 1 – Kohl’s American Cup Kids Zone flying banner
  • Kohl’s American Cup Signage
    • 1 – Kohl’s American Cup Welcome banner (3x10)
    • 1 – Kohl’s American Cup Information banner (3x10)
    • 8 – Kohl’s American Cup banners (3x10)
    • 5 – Kohl’s American Cup tents (10x10)
    • 1 – Kohl’s American Cup Registration flying banner
    • Kohl’s American Cup A-Frames
    • Kohl’s American Cup Flying Banners
  • Additional Items
    • Table and chairs
    • Limited number of Kohl’s American Cup souvenirs to be handed out in the interactive area.

The following items will be shipped to the designated address two weeks prior to the event:

  • Kohl’s American Cup premium items for each participant*
  • Kohl’s plastic merchandise bags for use as goodie bags for each participant*
  • Pre-printed Participation Certificates to be awarded to each participant*
  • 10 – $25 Kohl’s gift cards for awards/rewards at your tournament

*Quantities for merchandise bags, premium items and Participation Certificates are based on event registration.