Kohl's American Cup Event Components

US Youth Soccer and Kohl's want to introduce players to the fun and excitement of soccer!  This year, each Kohl's American Cup event includes the Kohl's American Cup Soccer Experience and will receive the following:

  • 1 – Kohl's American Cup Welcome banner (3x10)
  • 1 – Kohl's American Cup Information banner (3x10)
  • 8 - Kohl's American Cup banners (3x10)
  • 5 - Kohl's American Cup tents (10x10)
  • Kohl's American Cup premium items for each participant*
  • Kohl's plastic merchandise bags for use as goodie bags at your event*
  •  Pre-printed Participation Certificates to be awarded to all participants at event conclusion**
  • 10 – Kohl's gift cards valued at $25 each for use as awards/rewards at your tournament


*Quantities for merchandise bags, premium items and Participation Certificates are based on event registration.


  • Welcome banner (3'x10')
    • Welcome banner is to be placed in a centralized location (main entrance, beside media or concession facilities)
  • Information banner (3'x10')
    • Information banner should be placed by registration or in a centralized location so participants can find the information center easily
  • Kohl's American Cup banners (3'x10')
All banners come with grommets so they can easily be hung using high grade rope or zip ties from fences, walls or overhangs.  Field sidelines and the ends of fields are great positions to capture maximum exposure for event banners. Banners may be used at multiple facilities if necessary.



  • Commercial grade tents and frames (10' x 10') (Comes with four tent stakes and rope) 
  • Tents are to be used to create a centralized location for information/registration, scorers' tables, tournament merchandise sales, medical supplies, etc.
  • Remaining tents should be placed throughout the event venues and used as shelters from sun/rain for families, referees and players and tournament participants
  • Tents may be used at multiple facilities, if necessary. Whenever possible, place these tents in areas where corners of four fields meet to maximize their use and accessibility


Successful events are a by-product of being able to provide participants with a sense of accomplishment and added value. Each Kohl's American Cup host organization will have a variety of resources at their disposal to enhance event offerings.


Kohl's Gift Cards

  • Each host organization will receive 10 Kohl's gift cards valued at $25 each
  • Gift cards may be used at host organizations discretion as raffle prizes, volunteer or other on-site awards
  • If an organization decides to use cards in a raffle, all raffle materials are to be provided by the organization
  • If you do not have a Kohl's Department Store in your area the cards can be used at Kohl's.com
  • Please note, if cards are lost or stolen, they cannot be replaced


Merchandise Bags

  • Kohl's plastic merchandise bags will be shipped prior to each event for use as registration or goody bags (quantities based on event registration needs)


Participation Certificates

  • Each host organization will receive pre-printed full-color Participation Certificates for each player


Premium Items

  • Each participant will receive two Kohl's American Cup Premium items
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