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Kohl's American Cup Event Logo Usage

The Kohl's American Cup is represented by an official program logo (as shown below).  The logo should be used in all event materials. This is the logo for the event.  It is not feasible to design, represent or distribute materials that represent the Kohl's American Cup with any other logo or artwork.

If you have difficulties using the logos provided, please contact US Youth Soccer.

Kohl's American Cup Logo

  • EPS format (high resolution production needs) and JPEG format (low resolution production needs) are available.
  • Color, black and white and gray scale versions are also available.
  • In all possible situations, the color version of the Kohl's American Cup logo should be used. However, you can use a one-color black and white version. 
  • Kohl's American Cup logos to represent your individual State Association or Host Organization are available upon request.
  • Contact US Youth Soccer for customized City, State or State Association logo. (Please allow two weeks for the request to be filled)


Event Programs

  • Any host organization producing an event program must include a full-page complimentary Kohl's Department Store ad on the back cover.
  • Contact US Youth Soccer with ad size and file format specifications. (Please allow two weeks for the request to be filled