Kohl's American Cup Event Promotions

Hosting a Kohl's American Cup event is a great way to share your host organization's message with the community. Kohl's and US Youth Soccer encourage you to develop a marketing and communication plan for your event.

Your plan might include…

Brochures, Posters etc.

  • Event registration brochures or posters distributed to your membership or to other soccer organizations in your community.
  • Contact Molly Freitag for editable posters.


Website Presence

  • Event call out or tag on your organizations web site or newsletter
  • Raise awareness about your Kohl's American Cup through your website and eNewsletters by adding Kohl's American Cup web banners. Contact Steve Prince at sprince@usyouthsoccer.org for more information about the Kohl's American Cup web banners.
  • US Youth Soccer features a special section on Kohl's American Cup at USYouthSoccer.org, and a schedule of all Kohl's American Cup events is listed throughout the year on the master calendar. 
  • Join our community on Facebook (facebook.com/USYouthSoccer) to share your comments, pictures and more.
  • Photo Galleries – US Youth Soccer posts photos from each interactive event within the first week following the events (contact Steve Prince, sprince@usyouthsoccer.org with photo requests).


Newspaper Advertisement

  • US Youth Soccer will supply the ad. Please contact US Youth Soccer with the size requirements and deadline as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery. Please allow two weeks for request to be filled.


Media Plan

  • To further assist in the promotion of your event, this year, US Youth Soccer Communications will be sending a press release, 10-14 days in advance of your event, to media outlets impacted by the event.  This release will highlight the core messages of the Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup and its impact locally.
  • You will be asked to supply US Youth Soccer with key information to better define your specific events. Please complete the short Media Questionnaire, in the Forms section of this manual, and return to Steve Prince, sprince@usyouthsoccer.org
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