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Kohl's American Cup Host Responsibilities

The State Association/Host Organization will:
•  Organize and manage the Kohl's American Cup.

•  Promote the Kohl's American Cup with the objective of maximizing participation.

•  Help brand the tournament by adhering to the Kohl's American Cup Logo Usage Guidelines here (page 18).

•  Work with the Kohl's American Cup/US Youth Soccer representative. The Kohl's American Cup/US Youth Soccer representative will provide general information and assistance, as well as finalize logistical aspects of Kohl's involvement with the event.

•  Provide volunteers/staff to assist the Kohl's American Cup Soccer Experience staff in setting-up and breaking down various elements around the complex. See Kohl's Cares Associates in Action information here (page 51). 

•  Provide short-term, temporary storage for the on-site elements (banners and tents) at the State Association office or preferred location.

•  Transport the on-site elements to and from the playing fields.

•  Provide security for the elements provided for the Kohl's American Cup, once they are set up.

•  Make best efforts to ensure the tents and banners are set-up in the manner described in the "On-Site Elements" section here (page 20-28).

•  Take care of the event collateral to the best of your ability.

•  Collect information and materials necessary and submit the Kohl's American Cup forms provided by US Youth Soccer. 

•  Provide US Youth Soccer photographs of signage placement (tents and banners), as well as tournament play. – Proof of Performance Form.

•  Return all forms and photos to US Youth Soccer no later than 30 days after your event.