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Kohl's American Cup Marketing Contacts

US Youth Soccer will coordinate the logistical aspects of the Kohl's American Cup.  We will serve as the liaison and ongoing clearinghouse to provide information, and to answer questions regarding the Kohl's American Cup.

There will be a designated Kohl's American Cup representative who will:

  • Serve as the contact for the US Youth Soccer State Associations and Local Organizing Committee:  This representative will be in communication with the tournament director, contact or designee prior to the event and will provide general information and assistance, finalize logistical aspects of Kohl's involvement with the tournaments (tents, banners, sampling, public announcements scripts, advertisements, etc.)
  • Ensure the delivery of all previously described on-site elements to the local organizing committee's designated location prior to the event
  • Distribute and collect a descriptive form about each Kohl's American Cup in order to produce a summary report about the events


Contact Information

US Youth Soccer
9220 World Cup Way
Frisco, Texas 75033

Molly Freitag
Manager of Marketing

Steve Prince
Communications Coordinator


Fax Number: