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Kohl's American Cup Non-Interactive Checklist

The checklist below outlines key deadlines associated with the activation of the Kohl's American Cup and was designed as an organizational tool for hosting an event. (Contact US Youth Soccer to obtain a copy.)

Execution Manual

  • Review entire manual
  • Review check list
  • Review T-shirt order form
  • Review items on the CD located in the manual
    • Logos/artwork received (make sure all formats work)
    • T-Shirt Order Form
    • Collateral Damage Report
    • PA Announcements
    • Proof of Performance Form
    • Kohl's Cares Associates in Action 
  • Review shipping details (to return program materials)
  • Prepare questions for initial call with US Youth Soccer


First Phone Call

  • Initial contact from US Youth Soccer
    • Confirm event date 
    • Confirm receipt of planning materials
    • Confirm event contact information
    • Confirm number of participants
    • Confirm number of locations and fields
  • Go through check list
  • Discuss event layout
  • Confirm shipping address
    • Will the shipping company need a lift gate?
  • Discuss materials being shipped to the host organization
  • Discuss presence of local supporters at the Kohl's American Cup
  • Discuss security for event
  • Discuss host organizations responsibility to take photos for Proof of Performance


12 Weeks before Event

  • If applicable, send US Youth Soccer the size and format for the program ad. (Full-page and on the back of the program.  Please allow two weeks for request to be filled)


Four Weeks before Event

  • Return Media Form to US Youth Soccer Communications


Two Weeks before Event

  • Second phone call with US Youth Soccer to solidify event details/confirm event logistics
  • Confirm shipments received from US Youth Soccer (verify all materials were received/not damaged)
    • Banners
    • Tents
    • Kohl's plastic merchandise bags for use as goodie bags at your event
    • Kohl's American Cup premium items for each participant
    • Participation Certificates
    • Discuss procedure for re-packing and returning event materials
    • 10 - Kohl's gift cards valued at $25 each for use as awards/rewards at your tournament
  • Discuss location of:
    • Tents
    • Banners
  • US Youth Soccer will send out a press release about event to local media


Two Days before Event

  • Arrange pick-up and shipment of all event materials that need to go back to US Youth Soccer (Tents should be insured for $800 each)
  • US Youth Soccer will send out a media advisory about event to local media


Post Event (Due no later than 10 days after the event)

  • Send the Kohl's American Cup Proof of Performance Report to US Youth Soccer.  Should include the following:
    • Photos of signage (tents and banners) as well as tournament play
    • Provide feedback on the event
    • Samples of any event collateral (medals, t-shirts, programs, etc.)