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Kohl's American Cup Participation Guidelines

Kohl's American Cup Participation Guidelines

Kohl's American Cup play is open to recreational players registered with a US Youth Soccer member State Association affiliated recreational league are eligible to participate in the Kohl's American Cup. A league, club or association may decide which teams can enter the Kohl's American Cup; however, they must be a regular season team.  No all-star teams are allowed.   Any league, club or association found to have substituted ineligible players on a roster will forfeit their games at this event and may be subject to further sanctions.  Additionally, any team or player entered or rostered for any US Youth Soccer State Cup play is not eligible.

The State Association may reserve space in the tournament for its recreational leagues or associations before each season.  The actual team names would be submitted at a later date, based on league standings at the end of the season, or some other suitable method.  If league standings are not kept, then leagues may want to have some sort of competition after the season is complete to determine which teams will compete.

Definition of a Recreational Player
The Kohl's American Cup exists to bring the sport of soccer to developing recreational players.  The definition of a recreational player varies from state to state and is currently at the discretion of each State Association.

Definition of a Recreational League
1.      The use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting or any like process to roster players selectively to any team on the basis of talent or ability is prohibited.

2.      The club administering the league accepts, as league participants, any and all eligible youth.

3.      A system of rostering players is employed for the purpose of creating a fair and balanced distribution of playing talent among all teams participating.

4.      League rules require that each player play at least ½ of each game except for reasons of injury, illness or discipline.

Age Division
At their discretion, host organizations should determine which age division to include in their Kohl's American Cup tournament.  US Youth Soccer encourages each organization to make its best effort to accommodate teams of all ages and both genders that wish to participate.

Guest Players
At their discretion, host organizations can determine their policy on guest participation in these events.  Any participating guest players must meet all eligibility requirements set by the host organization

Guest Participation Guidelines
The Kohl's American Cup offers all registered US Youth Soccer players an opportunity to excel through participation.  The goals of the program are to introduce and promote the sport of soccer to every boy and girl.  The fun and enjoyment of playing soccer is the number one reason why boys and girls have elected to play recreational soccer.  Every player shall play at least ½ of every game.  This would be in keeping with established league and association policies.  It is also recommended that all players receive recognition of their participation, especially in the younger age groups.