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Kohl's American Cup Suggested Event Format

The suggested available field space to host the Kohl's American Cup Soccer Experience is approximately 130' x 80'.  The Kohl's American Cup Soccer Experience staff will arrive with most of the necessary materials on it. Additional supplies will be shipped to the host organization prior to the event. 

The Kohl's American Cup staff will set-up all inflatables for interactive events.  These elements will arrive with the Soccer Experience staff .  The Kohl's American Cup Soccer Experience vehicle will supply the power required to run the blowers for the inflatables.  If a host organization chooses, they may secure separate or additional generator power to run the games.

Please note, the host organization is responsible for staffing the inflatable game areas.  To ensure everyone's safety it is recommended that a minimum of 10 volunteers rotate throughout the inflatable area during the day, with one volunteer at each inflatable at all times.