Kohl's American Cup Event Check List

The checklist below outlines key deadlines associated with the activation of the Kohl's American Cup and was designed as an organizational tool for hosting an event. Please review the checklist and all materials forwarded in your event manual prior to the first contact by US Youth Soccer so you are prepared to share your event plans and ask questions as necessary.

Execution Manual

  • Review entire manual
  • Review check list
  • Review T-shirt order form
  • Review items within the Kohl's American Cup Dropbox Folder:
    • Logos/artwork received (make sure all formats work)
    • T-Shirt Order Form
    • PA Announcements
    • Proof of Performance Form
    • Kohl's Cares Associates in Action Request Form
  • Prepare questions for initial call with US Youth Soccer


12 Weeks before Event
  • If applicable, send US Youth Soccer the size and format for the program ad. (Full-page and on the back of the program)


Three Weeks before Event
  • Second phone call with US Youth Soccer to solidify event details/confirm event logistics
    • Verify contact has been made with Kohl's American Cup tour manager
    • Confirm tour manager responsibility
    • Follow up on T-shirt order.
    • Confirm shipments received from US Youth Soccer (verify all materials were received/not damaged) 
      • Kohl's plastic merchandise bags for use as goodie bags at your event
      • Kohl's American Cup premium item for each participant
      • Participation Certificates
      • 10 - Kohl's gift cards valued at $25 each for use as awards/rewards at your tournament
    • US Youth Soccer will send out a press release about event to local media


Five Days before Event

  • Soccer Experience Team Member will call the tournament director to touch base
    • Confirm Kohl's Soccer Experience arrival date/time
    • Review event set-up plan
    • Discuss any questions
    • Confirm volunteers have been secured for event 
    • Discuss locations of Soccer Experience area (inflatables, banners, tents) 
    • Discuss safety precautions
    • Status of event volunteers


Post Event (Due no later than 10 days after the event)

  • Send the Kohl's American Cup Post Event Recap to US Youth Soccer.  Should include the following:
    • Photos of signage (tents and banners) as well as tournament play
    • Provide feedback on the event
    • Samples of any event collateral (medals, t-shirts, posters, programs, etc.)
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