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Coaches Blog

Sam's Blog is a bi-weekly addition to the US Youth Soccer Blog. Sam Snow is the Coaching Director for US Youth Soccer.


Your Child's Playing Future Is At Stake: Part IV

Sam Snow

Since the coach decides: Who plays? When they play? How much they play? How they play? Where they play? You must attempt to cover each and every one of these topics and be satisfied with the coach's response.

During this 'two-way' conversation make sure you cover mutual goals both short and long term. This should include topics such as sportsmanship, technical development, tactical development, practice results and season results.

Find out what the coach expects of your child so that you can reinforce those expectations at home. For example: Many coaches use buzz words such as, "Push-Peek-Pass" when training the children to pass the ball properly. In other words the player is asked to "Push" the ball slightly forward to give themselves the time to "Peek" (read the game) find the teammate or space into which to "Pass" the ball. Then, when you are passing the ball back and forth in the backyard you can reinforce the coach's buzz words.

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Segments & Illustrations were taken from my book:


Your FUNdamental,

Koach Karl (Karl Dewazien)






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