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Parents Blog

Susan Boyd blogs on every Monday. A dedicated mother and wife, Susan offers a truly unique perspective into the world of a "Soccer Mom." 
Opinions expressed on the US Youth Soccer Blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions of US Youth Soccer.


A 'stupid day' for a soccer mom

Susan Boyd

Yesterday was one of my ""stupid"" days. I try to limit myself to one stupid day a month, but I think I used up my quota of 12 days by President's Day. I am now borrowing stupid days from 2009. Hopefully I will refrain from any more stupid days until after US Youth Soccer Region II Championship are over since I am the navigator, the keeper of forms, the custodian of packing, and the warden of two boys.

What did I do to qualify? I was trying to squeeze in an order of picture buttons for my husband's parents' 60th Wedding Anniversary in the middle of completing the work for US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Region II Camp for boys and girls 1996 through 1990. I calculated and I have already used up 1,300 staples in creating the required camp packets, and I still have three age groups to go. So in the midst of this stapling hysteria, I was trying to order these buttons. The website claims to be very easy, and to a certain point it was easy, but after I filled out the order form, uploaded my artwork, and hit submit, I got a pop-up stating, ""Please call customer care to complete your order."" I called and got put on hold. Since I hadn't paid yet, I assumed they would want payment so I had my wallet out – you can probably see where this is going – and laid it on my desk under my computer monitor.

Then I got summoned for an office meeting, so I hung up on the lady from the button customer care, who probably called me worse things than ""stupid"" and went to the meeting. While in the meeting my son shows up to be driven to Chicago for his soccer practice, so I grab my purse turn off my office lights and head out. Forty five miles later, at a McDonald's, after ordering, I make my discovery. I have a purse but no wallet.

Robbie volunteered to pay from his money, adding, ""It's a good thing I was here to save your butt mom!"" making me feel even more stupid.

I have never been without a wallet before and it is an extremely helpless feeling. I couldn't buy anything, I couldn't even get gas (thank goodness Monday was not a stupid day and I had filled up), and I had no way to identify myself as a licensed driver, which meant I had to drive close to the speed limit, something I had never done in any of my hundreds of trips to Chicago Magic practice. I imagine this is how an out of body experience must feel. I was totally adrift in a world of commerce and law and had no connection to it at all.

So in order to avoid another stupid day, I am going to employ sticky notes to make sure I collect everything I need. I have one on my computer screen right now which says, ""Got Wallet?"" which is next to the one that says ""Got Cell Phone?"" from another day I don't want to discuss. I will now put sticky notes up on my back door to avoid forgetting the camera, the laptop, the box of movies my son asked me to collect for him, the suitcases, the mechanic's appointment tomorrow, and several other items that you won't want to read about and my son would kill me if I published. Somehow we will attempt to get to Des Moines with at a bare minimum soccer uniform cleats, and credit card. If I at least have those items, we can proceed with play. In my bound folder from Vago there are instructions for getting to a casino. I would like to go, but I am afraid I'll be too stupid!