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Parents Blog

Susan Boyd blogs on every Monday. A dedicated mother and wife, Susan offers a truly unique perspective into the world of a "Soccer Mom." 
Opinions expressed on the US Youth Soccer Blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions of US Youth Soccer.


Good to Know

Susan Boyd

Soccer is great for our kids, but not so great for our pocketbooks. We all wish our players improve and continue to grow into stronger, passionate players, but every step forward adds to the expense of the venture. We move from recreational soccer, where a nominal fee includes a kit as well as coaching, to select teams with travel, top-of-the-line uniforms and gear, and elite summer academies. Costs escalate without any respite in sight. However, there is some relief with discounts out there specifically for the soccer player, the player’s family, and coaches that can help offset some of the monetary burden along with national membership programs that provide wide-ranging cost reductions.

US Youth Soccer, through its sponsors, provides several helpful discounts. Liberty Mutual offers some significant discounts to coaches, teachers and players, along with some special insurance riders, including paying no deductible if you are in a collision while on soccer/school business and protecting your valuables in your car up to $2,500 while parked on soccer/school property. Sports Authority makes special discounts available to US Youth Soccer members. Check the US Youth Soccer website and look for coupons in player packets at tournaments. Likewise, Kohl’s has special discounts for player members as well as distributing coupons at tournaments and through US Youth Soccer events. Although a direct relationship between US Youth Soccer and hotel chains isn’t presently in force, it doesn’t hurt to ask when traveling to tournaments if your hotel will give you a discount as a soccer family attending a soccer event. Often, hotels will provide a 10-to-15 percent discount in the hopes that you’ll rebook with them the next time you attend a tournament in a city where they have rooms. You have even more leverage if you are booking for the entire team. Don’t be shy about using the power of multiple reservations to insure the lowest rate. Also, if you are in a hotel which doesn’t offer breakfast in the price but has an onsite restaurant serving breakfast for a fee, negotiate a voucher for every person equivalent to cover at minimum juice and a bagel.

If you are a member of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) you are entitled to some great benefits. In association with Nationwide insurance, NSCAA offers members very competitive auto insurance rates. Additionally, all members are covered by a $1 million general liability policy and also can take part in group health insurance options for major medical and limited medical, dental, and vision plans. Even more interesting, the NSCAA offers Veterinary Pet Insurance backed by Nationwide for a 5 percent discount. Chronic care for pets is covered with unlimited claims allowed. KwikGoal is an NSCAA partner and gives members a 15 percent discount on purchases. Members can also avail themselves of, a one-stop booking site specifically geared towards soccer coaches and families with emphasis on soccer tournaments, conferences, camps, and conventions throughout the United States. The site can find great airfares, hotels and rental cars for the soccer participant. The service is both convenient and cost-conscience while understanding the particular needs of soccer teams such as late or early check-outs affected by a team’s results during tournaments. NSCAA memberships include the Soccer Journal, published seven times a year with great articles on improving coaching techniques and available tournaments. Memberships cost $95 per year and are open to all coaches (even parent coaches), club administrators, and other roles in the club such as team managers.

Although not soccer specific, obtaining an AAA membership can bring you some instant benefits for a very limited yearly fee. Classic memberships are $56 a year with additional memberships available for family members at $30 each, but the good news is that AAA will waive the first year’s fee. The benefits are well-suited for traveling soccer families. There’s the standard roadside assistance which we’ve used several times for break downs traveling to a tournament or dead batteries after the kids run the radio in the car during a three-hour rain delay, not to mention lock out service when you forget you set those keys down in the trunk while pulling out the chairs and slam the lid down just as you remember. There’s also five miles of free towing, which more than covers the yearly fee. But it’s the non-auto benefits that make the card a great deal. For your travel, you can get up to 20 percent off room rates at several major hotel chains, Hertz Rental Gold Program membership, which includes an additional driver for free, 10 percent off Amtrak fares, and discount tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood and Sea World. Denny’s offers a 10 percent discount on meals and Papa John’s gives 30 percent for online orders with a special code you can get through your AAA online account. Off the road, AAA gives you 10-to-30 percent off various Dell computer configurations. Lenscrafters provides 10-to-30 percent off eye exams and on eyeware and contacts, and even if you find a lower deal which includes the discounts they will give you an additional $5 off. Payless Shoes allots a 10 percent discount to AAA members. There are various discounts with DirecTV, Dunham’s Sports, Reebok,, and 1-800-Flowers. There are AAA prescription discounts and if you use AAA approved auto repair shops you can get 10 percent off labor up to $50. If a discount isn’t mentioned here, be sure to ask if the business or hotel offers AAA discount because there are several local discounts not listed on the national site.

You don’t have to be the grandparent of a soccer player to qualify for an AARP membership. They are available for $16 a year for anyone age 50 or older. The benefits are far too numerous to mention here, but needless to say they are great for soccer families. You can get free cups of coffee from Burger King and Denny’s or get a free donut from Dunkin’ with the purchase of a drink. Besides similar hotel discounts as AAA, AARP has a long list of restaurants that award you with 10-to-15 percent meal discounts, the savings with Lenscrafter’s are double those of AAA, Ticketmaster can give you substantial discounts on four-pack tickets (Stars on Ice are 25 percent off right now), when you swipe your membership card at checkout at the grocery you receive instant discounts without the hassles of coupons, and Walgreen’s offers the same service as long as you have a Balance Rewards card to which you link your AARP card helping you earn far more bonus points translating into spendable dollars. AARP is associated with Budget, Avis, Payless, and Zip Car rentals offering various discounts or free days to members. At Days Inn and Super 8 you can get a 20 percent rate discount and La Quinta gives 10 percent off plus a free breakfast. There’s up to a $400 discount on British Airways and 10 percent off Park Ride Fly USA parking reservations. Again, asking at the businesses (including online businesses) and hotels if they give an AARP discount can give you savings you didn’t expect. For example, Amazon Kindle gives 50 percent off select Kindle book downloads. Cell phone services such as Cricket, AT&T, and Consumer Cellular have savings off their wireless contracts.

Use the power of your team to get discounts on the road when ordering team meals, buying groceries, or taking them to a movie. Ask to speak to the manager and request a 10-to-20 percent discount. Make it clear that you are one of dozens, even scores of teams, at a tournament, and you’d be more than happy to let them know how helpful their business was to your team. Over several years of negotiating these deals I’ve found large chains like Publix and Kroger’s to be quite helpful in giving teams a discount. Olive Garden has given me a discount for the team when ordering their catering service for team dinners both on the road and before our local team matches. You can’t get a break if you don’t ask. It’s rare a manager will be offended by your request, and usually he or she can be very helpful in finding you even more ways to save at their store (I have dozens of “retired” grocery membership cards that saved us plenty over the years). When booking hotel rooms try to get the entire team, even the entire club, to book along with you – it requires early planning but can pay big dividends. Also ask the hotel to comp the coach’s room. Whenever the US Youth Soccer ODP Wisconsin team traveled, we made sure we got two rooms comped – one for the bus driver and one for the coaches. Hotels usually agreed when we booked 10 or more rooms.

Soccer can be expensive, and even with discounts it isn’t going to be kind to the bank account. However, seeking out discounts not just for travel but also for peripheral soccer needs can help you save enough to make a dent. Contact tournament directors to see if they are aware of any breaks for teams in their area that are being offered by local vendors. Go online to find coupons for national and local establishments which may exceed discounts you can get with AAA or AARP. Check out Groupon which can get you restaurant coupons for a price that often will take 50 percent of a dining bill. There are savings out there which we shouldn’t let get away from us. Take advantage of everything you can find and everything you can create. It’s good to know you can.




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