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Coaches Blog

Sam's Blog is a bi-weekly addition to the US Youth Soccer Blog. Sam Snow is the Coaching Director for US Youth Soccer.


New State Course

Sam Snow

US Youth Soccer has delivered a new coaching course to the 55 state associations. The course is for coaching in The Outreach Program for Soccer (TOPSoccer). The TOPSoccer coaching course is a state association delivered four hour course.  The course is three hours of classroom work and one hour on the field.  The field session is done with the instructor and candidates, so no players are required for that portion.  There are PowerPoint presentations and group breakout work during the classroom session.   Our broad goal with the course is to get more folks involved in coaching TOPSoccer players and to increase the number of participants nationwide in this program.
The materials for the course have been delivered to the state associations. Those whom the Association will designate as instructors of the TOPSoccer course must first earn the certificate. This will provide continuity for the instructors. This is the standard operating procedure for all of our coaching education, you have to actually hold a certificate or license before you will be considered as a possible teacher of the course. So to get the course off the ground US Youth Soccer is conducting regional symposia for TOPSoccer administrators and coaches. The course will be delivered during the symposium. Check your region's web site for the details on the TOPSoccer symposium in your region.
Please note that the region symposium is NOT an instructors' course.  Many folks may attend the symposium and earn the TOPSoccer coaching certificate but they are not automatically a state instructor of the course.  Who teaches the course within each state association is to be decided by the state Technical Director.  Candidates who successfully complete the course will earn a certificate issued by the state association. Then for those who have earned the certificate continuing education for TOPSoccer coaches and administrators will take place at regional symposia.
Here are the topics covered in the course. 
       Why People Play Soccer
       Players' Challenges
       Qualities of Coaches
       Prevention and Care of Injuries
       Risk Management
       Ideas for Coaching
       Characteristics of well-selected games and inclusion activities
        Organizing a training session
The course objectives include:
  1. Apply existing coaching skills and experiences to meet the needs of players with disabilities
  2. Establish basic communication skills
  3. Appropriate safety and medical considerations
  4. How do we modify activities to include all players
  5. Demonstrate coaching methods
Remember that we all have disabilities, in some of us they show!