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US Youth Soccer Bloggers

Note:  Opinions expressed on the US Youth Soccer Blog (web log) are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the United States Youth Soccer Association (US Youth Soccer). Links on this web log to articles do not necessarily imply agreement by the author or by US Youth Soccer with the contents of the articles. Links are provided to foster discussion of topics and issues. Readers should make their own evaluations of the contents of such articles.

Bio: Susan Boyd

Susan Boyd Blogger Bio


Nickname: None
Hometown: Mequon, WI
Years as "Soccer Parent": 15+
Have you ever coached soccer: Are you kidding? I would single-handedly destroy the game! I'm a great fan though

My Favorites
Athletes: Didier Drogba
Sports Teams: Arsenal, Man U., Milwaukee Brewers (I can't help it…I love baseball)
Bands: Dave Matthews Band, U2, Steely Dan
Foods: Hummus, King Crab, anything caramel or chocolate
Movie: Crossing Delancey, Local Hero, Sideways (because my brother wrote it!)
TV Shows: Lost for as long as it lasts, Judge Judy, The Good Wife

Career Highlights
I got to go the Oscars twice when my brother was nominated for screenwriting. And he won the second time…so I got to go to the Vanity Fair party and hang out with Beyonce, Donald Trump, Jessica Simpson, and Jake Guyllenhal. I have five published books, but the first was the sweetest because it was the first. I have four fantastic kids and five even more fantastic grandkids that I don't see nearly enough. In November 2005 my sons' high school won the state championship which was so great. They both played, Robbie as a freshman and Bryce as a junior. I actually missed the game because I was in Nevada for the birth of my fifth grandchild. So I guess it was a double whammy highlight!! Every time my sons play is a highlight for me. Win, lose, or draw, they have such a passion for the game, it's difficult not to get caught up in the power of the play and the magic of the moment.

Best tip learned from another 'soccer parent': Keep towels in the car and gallon size baggies in the soccer bag for those wet muddy games. Use 33 gallon garbage bags as mud guards on the floor of the car.  After watching my grandson's last soccer game in 34 degree weather I'll remind parents to keep those cheap one-size fits all knit gloves, stocking caps, and a long-sleeved shirt in the trunk.

Best tip I can give: Invest in a Dry-Guy boot dryer. Most hunting catalogs have them and they are very cheap in the spring when winter hunting is over. They will dry out two pairs of cleats or a pair of cleats and GK gloves in about 3 hours…usually just enough time between matches at a tournament.

Estimated number of miles traveled for Soccer: Well I drove 200 - 240 miles round trip four or five times a week just for Chicago Magic – so I drove about 52,000 miles a year for practice and games alone. But I'm insane.  That car, the Toyota Sienna, is still running with 215,000 miles and counting.  It will forever be the "soccer" car.  Every time I vacuum it out I find some small bit of soccer gear!

Estimated number of dollars spent on Soccer: Probably around $10,000 a year per kid not counting the gas.  So it's important to know that the sport is their passion.  Otherwise that money would be better invested in a college fund!

Favorite thing about watching your kid play Soccer: When Robbie "smells" a goal. I can just see him zeroing in and I know something is going to explode.  When Bryce makes an impossible stop, the ball rebounds, and suddenly he's on the other side of the net making the second stop.  I swear there's two of him in the goal.

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