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Out Of State Referees

Indiana State Referee Requirements 

All event assignor(s) have the responsibility to ensure all referees participating in our events are registered and are in Good Standing.


In addition to complying with the federal SafeSports Act, U.S. Soccer requirement, Indiana Soccer, and the State Referee Association requirements; all out of state referees wishing to referee in Indiana must meet the same requirements/criteria as the Indiana Referees.


Out of state referee must have their SRA or his/her designee; not an assignor, complete the electronic form in the link below confirming that they are:

  1. Registered for the current year
  2. They are in Good Standing
  3. Completed the CDC (Concussion) training requirements and have the certification
  4. Completed the SafeSports training requirements and have the certification


This form requires a password.  The SRA must for all out of state referees must contact the Indiana State Referee Administrator Samir Yasa at to obtain the password to unlock the form.


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