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Coach of The Year

US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year


The US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year program is designed to recognize top coaches throughout the United States in girls and boys programs at the state, regional and national levels.

These coaches have committed to continued education and self-sacrifice to give back to the sport they love with the hope that they might enhance one of their players abilities and quality of life. US Youth Soccer is proud to highlight these Coaches of the Year for their time and efforts in contributing to America's youth through the great game of soccer. By promoting teamwork, discipline, fitness and fair play these coaches are making a difference.

The US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year program begins with US Youth Soccer State Associations who recognize a girl's and boy's Coach of the Year. Then each of US Youth Soccer's four regions nominate a state winners as a girl's and a boy's coach for the US Youth Soccer Boy's and Girl's Coaches of the Year award in preparation for the naming of the National Coach of the Year. Each of the eight regional winners are then honored at the US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year Dinner, held in conjunction with the organization's Workshop and Coaches Convention.

US Youth Soccer Coaches of the Year exemplify the following characteristics:
• Dedication/Service to the game.
• Longevity in the program.
• Sportsmanship as exemplified by the coach and his/her team.
• Success within the program (not a record of wins and losses).
• State Associations throughout the year work to identify their top candidates. Each State is responsible for establishing a method that would eventually provide its choice of State Coaches of the Year, and nominations to the Regional level. Final selections are sent to the Regional Director in mid-October.
• Each Region has a selection committee comprised of at least the Regional Director and Sub-Regional Directors. They receive and review all State nominees, and make the regional selections each year. Once selections are made, these winners are submitted to the US Youth Soccer Board of Directors through the National Office. State Coaches of the Year are each sent a certificate and Coach of the Year pin.
• The US Youth Soccer Board of Directors chooses the National Boys and Girls Coaches of the Year from the nominations submitted from each of the four regions. All eight finalists, four Boys and four Girls Coaches, are invited, all expenses paid, to the annual US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop and Coaches Convention for the announcement of the winners. A special Coach of the Year dinner is held where the finalists are introduced, honored and the two national winners are announced.

Please click here for the nomination form. State nominations are due to the regional offices on October 1.

2006 - St. Louis, Missouri (March 1-3, 2007)
  Girls - George Jardine, Delware
  Boys - Chad O'Donnell, South Dakota
  Region I Girls – George Jardine, Delaware
  Region I Boys – Warren Searles, New Jersey
  Region II Girls – Rimini Ross, Nebraska
  Region II Boys – Chad O'Donnell, South Dakota
  Region III Girls – Bobby Lovelace, North Carolina
  Region III Boys – Derek Godwin, Louisiana
  Region IV Girls – Mathew Henbest, Idaho
  Region IV Boys – Terry Gentry, Oregon
2005 - Houston, Texas (February 23-25, 2006)
  Girls - Fitzgerald Haig (Florida)
  Boys – Richard Beal (New York West)
  Region I Girls – Lula Bauer (Virginia)
  Region I Boys – Richard Beal (New York West)
  Region II Girls – Jim Tomczak (Nebraska)
  Region II Boys – Jeff Cabalka (Minnesota)
  Region III Girls – Fitzgerald Haig (Florida)
  Region III Boys – Dave Roughneen (Louisiana)
  Region IV Girls – Lisa Scott (California North)
  Region IV Boys – Moctar Diouf (Alaska)
2004 - Salt Lake City, Utah (February 2005)
  Girls - David Bozdeck (Missouri)
  Boys - Mehdi Siadat (California)
  Region I Girls - Jim Kelly (Rhode Island)
  Region I Boys - Mark Gorgos (New York West)
  Region II Girls - David Bozdeck (Missouri)
  Region II Boys - Mike Olson (South Dakota)
  Region III Girls - Kara Slick (South Carolina)
  Region III Boys - Lane Smith (Mississippi)
  Region IV Girls - Robyn Smith-Bretzing (Utah)
  Region IV Boys - Mehdi Siadat (California)
2003 - Boston, Massachusetts (February 2004)
  Girls - Marty Limpert (Missouri)
  Boys - Kim Perez (Colorado)
  Region I Girls – Rae Ann Taylor (Virginia)
  Region I Boys – Timothy Lee (Delaware)
  Region II Girls – Marty Limpert (Missouri)
  Region II Boys – Mark West (Ohio South)
  Region III Girls – Mike Flynt (Mississippi)
  Region III Boys – Peter Moore (Florida)
  Region IV Girls – Mike Joyce (Oregon)
  Region IV Boys – Kim Perez (Colorado)
2002 – Indianapolis, Indiana (February 6-9, 2002)
  Girls – Nevin Shenck (Eastern Pennsylvania)
  Boys – Timothy Horton (Ohio)
  Region I Girls – Nevin Shenck (Eastern Pennsylvania)
  Region I Boys – Chris Apple (New York-West)
  Region II Girls – Dave Nylen (Iowa)
  Region II Boys – Timothy Horton (Ohio)
  Region III Girls – Annette Armstrong (Florida)
  Region III Boys – Jim Allen (Mississippi)
  Region IV Girls – Cheryl Pickering (Washington State)
  Region IV Boys – Dee Taylor (Alaska)
2001 – Cobb County (Atlanta), Georgia (February 14-17, 2002)
  Girls - Daniel Shoniker (Rochester, New York)
  Boys – Ray Woodard (Pelham, Alabama)
  Region I Girls – Daniel Shoniker (Rochester, New York)
  Region I Boys – Charles Reed (Dover, Delaware)
  Region II Girls – David Brisson (Hugo, Minnesota)
  Region II Boys – John Gaspar (Marquette Heights, Illinois)
  Region III Girls – Annemarie Anderson (Aberdeen, North Carolina)
  Region III Boys – Ray Woodard (Pelham, Alabama)
  Region IV Girls – Bill Lowman (Aztec, New Mexico)
  Region IV Boys – Frank Ferreira (Merced, California)
2000 – Las Vegas, Nevada (February 2001)
  Girls – John Schneider (Grover, Missouri)
  Boys - Eric Blommer (Kearns, Utah)
  Region I Girls – Laura Lee (Delaware)
  Region I Boys – Mike Healy (Freeport, Maine)
  Region II Girls – John Schneider (Grover, Missouri)
  Region II Boys – Farshad Sanjari (Tomah, Wisconsin)
  Region III Girls – Michael Fray (Lufkin, Texas)
  Region III Boys – Sonny Brownlee (Oxford, Mississippi)
  Region IV Girls – Susan Glenn (Portland, Oregon)
  Region IV Boys – Eric Blommer (Kearns, Utah)
1999 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (February 24-26, 2000)
  Girls – Ashu Saxena (Fairfax, Virginia)
  Boys – Manuel Nunez (Chicago, Illinois)
  Region I Girls – Ashu Saxena (Fairfax, Virginia)
  Region I Boys – Gene Mishalow (Fairfax, Virginia)
  Region II Girls – Manuel Nunez (Chicago, Illinois)
  Region II Boys – Mike Torrenti (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
  Region III Girls – Tom Sells (Alamonte Springs, Florida)
  Region III Boys – Melvin Howard (Lithonia, Georgia)
  Region IV Girls – Linda Bridgham (Stanwood, Washington)
  Region IV Boys – Steve Stoner (Cheyenne, Wyoming)
1998 – Chicago, Illinois (February 1999)
  Girls – Sue Ryan (Eastern New York)
  Boys – Jose Rivera (Georgia)
  Region I Girls – Susan M. Ryan (Eastern New York)
  Region I Boys – Carol Holt (New Jersey)
  Region II Girls – Kim Swoboda (South Dakota)
  Region II Boys – David Carter (Minnesota)
  Region III Girls – Linda Soden (Louisiana)
  Region III Boys – Jose Rivera (Georgia)
  Region IV Girls – Mikhail Alnajjar (Washington State)
  Region IV Boys – Kevin Dolan (Utah)
1997 – Dallas, Texas (March 12-15, 1998)
  Girls – Terry Underkoffler (Pennsburg, Pennsylvania East)
  Boys – Charles ""Ed"" Lochart (Upper Marlboro, Maryland)
  Region I Girls – Terry Underkoffler (Pennsburg, Pennsylvania East)
  Region I Boys – Charles ""Ed"" Lochart (Upper Marlboro, Maryland)
  Region II Girls – John Foley (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  Region II Boys – Gareth Pritchard (Olathe, Kansas)
  Region III Girls – Connie DesOrmeaux (Carencro, Louisiana)
  Region III Boys – John Kelly (Austin, Texas – South Texas)
  Region IV Girls – Wayne Leupold (Farmington, New Mexico)
  Region IV Boys – Tony Doty (Riverton, Utah)
1996 – Salt Lake City, Utah (March 6-8, 1997)
  Girls – Peter Masotto (West Babylon, New York East)
  Boys – Shannan Wright (Alamogordo, New Mexico)
  Region I Girls – Peter Masotto (West Babylon, New York East)
  Region I Boys – James Miller (Thorofare, New Jersey)
  Region II Girls – Mike Macken (Broadview, Illinois)
  Region II Boys – Dusty Stephens (Newburgh, Indiana)
  Region III Girls – Paul Thomas (Montgomery, Alabama)
  Region III Boys – Michael Antonczak (Kingwood, Texas South)
  Region IV Girls – Lauren Studebaker (Issaquah, Washington)
  Region IV Boys – Shannan Wright (Alamogordo, New Mexico)
1995 – Providence, Rhode Island (February 29-March 2, 1996)
  Girls – Frankie Mozingo (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)
  Boys – David Richardson (Palatine, Illinois)
  Region I Girls – Ron Viehweger (Doyleston, Pennsylvania East)
  Region I Boys – Oliver Weiss (Durham, New Hampshire – Virginia YSA)
  Region II Girls – Eric Gudrais (Plymouth, Minnesota)
  Region II Boys – David Richardson (Palatine, Illinois)
  Region III Girls – Frankie Mozingo (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)
  Region III Boys – Henry Lawrance (Pascagoula, Mississippi)
  Region IV Girls – Sally Yokers (Seattle, Washington)
  Region IV Boys – Kent Jones (West Jordan, Utah)
1994 – Girls – Danny Mertz (Kansas)
  Boys – Jerry Jerome (New Jersey)
1993 – Girls – Don Cooper (Oklahoma)
  Boys – Earl McEachron (Virginia)
1992 – Girls – Van Culver (Idaho)
  Boys – Jack Portenier (South Carolina)