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Play Positive® Coaching

Welcome youth soccer coaches! Liberty Mutual Insurance is proud to partner with US Youth Soccer to bring the youth soccer community the Play Positive® program. Play Positive® gives you the tools, resources, tips, and advice you need to help kids experience the best that youth sports have to offer.
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Play Positive™

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Principles | The Importance of Honoring Officials

A youth soccer coach talks to his team about respecting officials. Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive® invites you to watch this soccer coach as he asks his team if they are thinking about the officials. He also asks his team to provide better ways at responding to the referee’s call.
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Respecting Officials: Your Playbook for the Game

View the slideshow: Respecting Officials: Your Playbook for the Game
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Respecting Officials

Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive® powered by Positive Coaching Alliance explores the topic of respecting officials and offers five ways your athlete can proactively and positively show respect for officials.
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Play Positive Poll: Losing Your Cool

Maintaining self-control in the face of challenges, adversity and disappointment is one of the great life lessons that sports can uniquely teach our kids.
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Helpful Resources for Parents & Youth Athletes

Visit Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive™ Sports Parent Toolkit for free tools and resources created specifically to help parents and youth athletes.
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From The Pros: Keeping Your Cool

View the slideshow: 5 Tips From The Pros On Keeping Your Cool.
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Keeping Your Cool

A six-step approach and companion exercise to help teach your athletes how to keep their cool in frustrating moments.
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