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Don’t Go Offside When It Comes To Insurance

Brought to you by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program
broken windshieldLiberty Mutual Insurance understands the challenges that arise on and off the field, and we’re committed to helping you ensure you don’t go offside when it comes to auto insurance.

All of us at Liberty Mutual Insurance are deeply invested in helping people live safer, more secure lives. As the third largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S., we understand that when it comes to responsibility, it’s important that fair heavily outweighs foul.   

Heads Up

Do a victory lap around most public sports fields, and you’re bound to find at least one sign excluding the facility from responsibility for any damage done to vehicles by balls that leave the playing field.

So while it would be nice to believe that everyone who kicks a ball is afforded the comforts and security of a professional athlete, the fact is that liability may ultimately fall upon whoever kicked the ball that does the damage – or that person’s parent or guardian.

If your mini van’s windshield gets struck by another player arrant ball, his or her parents may be considered at fault. But if your star player kicks a ball that cracks or shatters another parent’s windshield, you may be the one who gets rung up.

Your Car’s Goalie

A vehicle’s windshield is a lot like a goalie. Its job is to make sure nothing gets through, and it takes a lot of pounding in the line of duty. From bugs to rain to the occasional soccer ball, it catches a lot of debris.

And after airbags and seatbelts, a vehicle’s windshield is considered its third-most important safety component. Windshields not only protect vehicle occupants from debris, but in the event of a crash or rollover, they keep passengers inside the vehicle. And if a windshield is improperly installed, it can blow out of its mounting anytime an airbag inflates.

Damage to a windshield doesn’t have to mean the entire windshield must be replaced – but that is often the case. Only certain small chips and cracks can be repaired without replacing the windshield, and such repairs can’t lie in the driver’s direct line of sight. While chip repairs can be made for as little as $20, replacing entire windshields (front or rear) averages $300 for all vehicle types.

Join Our Team

With Liberty Mutual Insurance, you won’t have to worry too much about costs in most cases – regardless of who’s at fault – and your star player can keep on kicking away without worry or guilt.

Our standard auto insurance policies include glass insurance coverage for accidental breakage to windshields. While this coverage is not available in all states, in states where it is not, damage to glass is included under our Other Than Collision coverage, and subject to the applicable deductible.

If your star player ends up damaging someone else’s windshield, you might still be safe with a home policy from Liberty Mutual Insurance.   You may be covered under the Damage to Property of Others section of your policy. Individual policy limits, terms and conditions apply.

To ensure maximum safety and peace of mind, we also offer an umbrella policy that extends your coverage. It adds additional peace of mind in a world full of arrant soccer balls.

Offside is Fair

So why not make sure you and your soccer star – as well as your automobile’s windshield – are always safe at home and on the road? To learn more and get a free, no-obligation quote today, talk to one of our sales representatives in your community or call us toll-free at 888-712-2166. You can also visit us online at or


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