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Don’t Let Winter Storms Get You Down

Brought to you by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program


jan 28 hl picYour soccer star prepares for success. There’s offseason training and conditioning, in-season practice and games, running…studying... more running...

Soccer is a tough sport, full of tough competitors and all unfolding during tough winter weather. Just as it’s best for your child to prepare for tough competition, it’s wise for you to prepare for tough weather conditions when driving to and from practices and tournaments.

Liberty Mutual Insurance understands the responsibility of being a soccer player and what a soccer parent entails, and we’re committed to helping you navigate every twist and turn – in any kind of weather. 

All of us at Liberty Mutual Insurance are deeply invested in helping people live safer, more secure lives. We understand that when it comes to responsibility, we’re all traveling the same road – and it’s important to do so safely.


Winter Driving Tips

Of course, the best advice for driving in severe winter weather is to not drive at all. But if you must hit the road to get the team to a crucial soccer tournament, it’s best to wait until the snowplows and sanding trucks have had a chance to do their jobs, and to always budget extra time to reach your destination.

If you do find yourself driving in severe winter weather, make sure your car is properly prepared before heading out. That preparation should begin by protecting the team vehicle with a Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance policy. Following these helpful tips can also help you better navigate the challenging conditions: 

  • Resist the urge to pass snowplows and sanding trucks. The drivers have limited visibility, and the road in front of them will be worse than the road behind them.
  • Don’t assume your vehicle can handle all conditions. Even four-wheel and front-wheel drive vehicles can encounter trouble on winter roads.
  • Turn on your lights to increase your visibility to other motorists. Keep your lights and windshield as clean as you can.
  •  If driving on icy roads decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop. Allow at least three times more space than usual between yourself and the car in front of you.
  • Brake gently to avoid skidding. If your wheels start to lock up, ease off the brake.
  • Avoid using cruise control or overdrive on icy roads. Use low gears to maintain traction, especially on hills.
  • Be especially careful on bridges, overpasses and lightly traveled roads, as they will freeze first. Even at temperatures above freezing, you may encounter ice in shady areas or on exposed roadways and bridges.


Help is on the Way

Despite your best efforts and smartest plans, you could find yourself stuck on the side of the road, suddenly snowed in.

With Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance, and our optional 24-Hour Roadside Assistance coverage, you’ll never have to worry about your vehicle staying stuck or snowed in for long. From a jump start to a tow, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance will get you moving again – at any time of the day or night. Call our dedicated number (800-426-9898) anytime and receive roadside assistance. This coverage requires purchase of towing and labor coverage, and is subject to applicable limits.

In addition, if you’ve purchased towing and labor coverage, Liberty Mutual will pay for your charges in one of three ways:

  • When you allow your car to be towed to the nearest repair facility (as determined by Liberty Mutual), we will pay the entire towing charge. Simply sign the bill without paying anything up front.
  • If you prefer to have your car towed to a repair facility other than the nearest repair facility, we will pay the towing charges up to your policy limits.
  • If a tow is not necessary to get you back on the road, Liberty Mutual will pay for the labor charges up to your policy limits.


Once the snow thaws...

In some cases, severe winter weather – or resulting accidents – can actually render your automobile inoperable. If your car gets totaled during severe weather Liberty Mutual’s optional Better Car Replacement™ coverage can help you bounce back even bigger and better than before.

With this enhanced level of coverage, we’ll give you the money to replace your totaled vehicle with an automobile that is one model year newer and has 15,000 less miles on it.*


Stake Your Claim…On The Go.

Accidents can be overwhelming. The claims process shouldn’t be. With the Liberty Mutual Mobile App, you can easily submit an automobile insurance claim, no matter where you find yourself.  Our app also empowers you to:

  • Map your location using GPS
  • Take photos of damage
  •  Collect contact information
  • Share your own insurance information
  • Record voice notes
  • Access Liberty Mutual’s Mobile eService website


Our mobile app can even connect you to a dedicated Liberty Mutual representative to help guide you through the claims process. To download the Liberty Mutual Mobile App for your iPhone or Android mobile device, simply visit today.

Visit today to learn more about the Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program and our insurance product offerings


The descriptions of coverages and benefits are necessarily brief and are subject to policy provisions, limits, deductibles, and exclusions that can only be expressed in the policy itself. Coverages and programs vary by state and are not available in all states. For a complete explanation of coverages, please consult one of our licensed sales representatives or call 888-712-2166.

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