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Employment Opportunities - Job Listing

Registrar | Montanta Youth Soccer Association


The State Registrar is responsible for the following:

1. Monitoring affiliate leagues’ player registration to ensure registration is timely, complete, and adheres to MYSA, ODP, and US Youth Soccerpolicies.

2. Reporting player, coach and administrator registration to MYSA, ODP, Region IV and US Youth Soccer, as appropriate.

3. Report player, coach and administrator address details to US Youth Soccer annually.

4. Inform the Treasurer of the fees to be paid annually to US Youth Soccerand the deadline for payment.

5. Inform the Treasurer of the fees to be paid to GotSoccer and deadline for payment

6. Reporting to the AGM the number of players registered with MYSA for the seasonal year.

7. Approving and executing all player transfers appropriately applied for and approved through affiliated leagues.

8. Coordinating with MYSA Executive Administrator team travel requests that are appropriately applied for and approved through affiliated leagues.

9. Acting as the Registrar for State hosted tournaments.

10. Acting as the Registrar for the MYSA Championships and for MYSA teams qualifying for the Far West Regional finals, the National Championship Series finals, and the regional and national level of the Director’s Cup, and Presidents Cup.

11. Ensuring that all data contained within the on-line registration database is secured by password, and that passwords and access is given only to the state and league registrars, and other selected individuals if essential.

12. Collaborate with Got Soccer for the maintenance of the Got Soccer program, and for the program upgrade and modification to meet MYSA requirements.

13. Hold GotSoccer registrar training at the MYSA AGM for all club registrars.

14. Coordinate with the MYSA President, MYSA State Coach and MYSA Executive Administrator for ODP events.

15. Other duties as assigned.


· Self-motivated, able to work autonomously

· Must be able to meet deadlines

· Related Finance & Accounting experience preferred

· Quick Books Experience

· Strong interpersonal and relational skills

· Excellent communication skills

· Proficiency using –Microsoft Office, Excel, Power Point and Word

· Strong written and verbal communication skills

· Detailed oriented and ability to produce accurate results

· Excellent prioritization, organizational and problem solving skills

· Strong conflict resolution skills

· Team player with the ability to collaborate

· Social media experience preferred

· Strong knowledge of youth soccer and Got Soccer

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $13.00 to $16.00 /hour

Apply Now if you are interested!