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Employment Opportunities - Job Listing

Coaches | Fredericksburg FC


Fredericksburg FC (FFC) is seeking Qualified Coaches for ages 11-18 for our Travel Team Programming. Each Coach will implement specific training sessions and game plans. Games will be in the Virginia, Maryland & DC Area. FFC will work with each Coach to determine the best fitting age group and level based upon qualifications.

Travel Team Coaches are expected to actively communicate with players and parents, develop players both on and off the field and demonstrate the high expectations and level of professionalism associated in working with a professional sports organization.

Player Development Coaches report to the Technical Director of Coaching and involve close collaboration with the other coaches and the full Player Development Department.

Primary Responsiblities :

  • Session Planning & Curriculums
  1. Provide quality sessions within the FFC Curriculum which will increase player & team development over the course of 12 months
  2. Ensure Coaching Staff retains flexibility to create & manage their own Sessions within the curriculum provided
  3. Utilize FFC Full-Time Staff where necessary to create optimal training sessions for your age group and ability level
  • Professionalism
  1. Coaches must carry themselves in a manor which represents a professional environment both on and off the field.
  2. Do not speak to Parents at the Fields.  All conferences must be held in a professional manor, organized by setting a meeting time & place or pre-arranged phone call
  3. Must wear appropriate FFC Coaching Gear at all times
  4. Ensure all Fields are spotless when leaving them, free of trash and drink bottles
  5. Ensure all Goals are stored away properly and equipment is returned to sheds each day
  6. Ensure all Players are dressed appropriately with their Soccer Ball pumped up
  7. Ensure all Players equipment is lined up or hung up appropriately and in order at both practice and game fields
  8. Ensure All players are upholding FFC Core Values
  • Communication
  1. Ensure Parents & Players are aware of club rules and expectations
  2. Provide regular positive feedback and constructive criticism for both Parents & Parents
  3. Relay regular messages to the parents about Team Performances, Progress & Growth
  4. Hold Team Meetings when necessary to address concerns & provide feedback in person
  • Player Development
  1. Coordinate with the Executive Director the movement and sharing of players between teams, to ensure players have various opportunities additionally provided when deserved or needed.
  2. Do not contact parents or other coaches directly without notifying the Executive Director beforehand when sharing or moving players.
  3. Coordinate with Team Manager that all Guest Player Passes are approved and rostered correctly.
  4. Player Development is a priority above all else.

Fredericksburg FC is looking year-round for qualified, passionate & committed coaches for all ages & abilities.


Training Sessions 2-3 Per Week (Fall/Winter/Spring)

Weekly Games (Fall/Winter/Spring) throughout Virginia, MD & DC

Tournament Travel primarily throughout the East Coast.

Serve as a brand ambassador for Fredericksburg FC representing the brand positively at all times and within the community

Communicate weekly with Directors of Coaching

Help conduct, lead and support age group tryouts

Pursue continuing education opportunities

Ability to work evenings and weekends

Please Contact Us :

Apply Now if you are interested!