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Employment Opportunities - Job Listing

Director of Coaching | Nebraska State Soccer Association




  • Recruit, Select, Train and Evaluate State Coaching Staff. Coordinate staffing, grading, instructional guidelines, curriculum (regional and National) and staff meetings.
  • Schedule State courses and invites National level courses into the state. Provide all records (financial details, attendance, etc.), course rosters and license database. Prepare and maintain course materials, Coaches Certificates and/or Licenses
  • Assist Executive Director in development and implementation of the State Coaching Budget.
  • Create and maintain Club Coaches training materials and promote them throughout the State.
  • Promote and prepare coaches for the National Courses throughout the State.
  • Maintain coaches training and course calendar. Supply course dates and times in a timely manner for posting on web page and email campaign.
  • Order and distribute Coaching Instructor apparel working within the budget.
  • Create State-Wide Coaching Symposium



  • Promote soccer statewide at all levels. Recruit, organize and plan Coaches Clinics, speak and participate at meetings of membership and attend members Board Meetings as requested.
  • Attend and give written report at NSSA Board Meetings and AGM.
  • Attend Regional and National Coaching symposiums, seminars, Midwest Region and US Youth Soccer General Meeting as directed by the Executive Director or NSSA Board of Directors. All travel must take into account the current year’s budget.
  • Maintain open communication with NSSA Board of Directors, Executive Director, Office Staff, State Coaching Staff, Program Directors and most important our membership.
  • Work with State Registrar to create a Coaches and Team Handbook.
  • Work as directed to promote and attend Top Soccer, Soccer Start and any NSSA Program Events.
  • Create yearly goals, yearly plan, weekly goals, planned events and contact of members.
  • Maintain a Director of Coaching Web Site Calendar showing the next three (3) months of events. Calendar shall include schedule dates, which member is receiving services and topic of event.
  • Chair the Awards of the Year Committee that will be responsible for awarding the Boy’s and Girl’s Coach of the Year and the Volunteer of the Year Awards.
  • Educate coaches on their role in spectator control and control of their actions on the sideline.
  • Participate and attend any State Program Event as directed by the Executive Director or Board of Directors (Nebraska Championships, Rec Cup and etc).
  • Work with Executive Director as directed to promote Top Soccer, Soccer Start and similar NSSA Programs.
  • Abide by and help facilitate any new or current contracts or sponsorships of the NSSA.
  • Create yearly goals and a yearly plan and submit to Executive Director.
  • Have no affiliation or ties to any US Youth Soccer Team or Club or serve in a coaching, managing, administrative or consulting role either for hire or voluntarily except to where child is on the team and approved by the Executive Director.



  • Develop and administer the "Nebraska Soccer Camps" Program.
  • Develop and implement player development curriculum and coaching philosophy at each age level and level of play. Establish goals and objective to evaluate player development program for effectiveness.
  • Work with Directors of Coaching, in advisory capacity, throughout the state and tailor development needs for clubs as necessary.
  • Link with and involve regional, national, international, and uniquely credentialed coaches for diverse perspectives on player development.



  • Oversee and administer all aspects of the Olympic Development Program.
  • Supervise ODP Director, delegating responsibilities as necessary.
  • Promote ODP to all clubs and coaches within the state.
  • Identify and select all staff coaches and submit names to State Board for approval.
  • Make recommendations for compensation of ODP Gender Head Coaches Secure additional funding needed for the above-mentioned positions keeping in mind the ODP purpose rather than supplementing coach’s income.
  • Identify ODP State Coaches through recruitment, solicitations from ODP Gender Head Coaches and Club Directors of Coaching, Age Group Coaches and recommendations from others. Request applications from Coaches and review applications
  • Prepare ODP State Coach Job Descriptions.
  • Develop Training Curriculum with input from Regional and National Staff to raise level of play in the state.
  • Attend Coaches Meeting (pre-training) with all coaches. Explain responsibilities, which will include Job Description, Training Curriculum, Coaches Handbook, Master Schedule and Team materials.
  • Schedule Guest Clinicians that shall include Regional and National Staff, and coaches with unique credentials within the allowed budget.
  • Work with ODP State Coaches to secure locations for any training sessions, mini camps, clinics or meetings.
  • Visit with Regional Staff to ensure players are represented at Regional Camps. Review with State Coaches who their contacts shall be at camp.
  • Make sure ODP State Coaches give all players their camp Player Evaluation Forms.
  • Work with all parties to ensure proper communication between State, Regional and National Staff.
  • Maintain open communication with coaches, players and parents through web page, phone, email, and mail.



  • Important to the success of this position is the manner and style in which the Director of Coaching works with soccer teams from numerous clubs, statewide efforts, and regional programs. Collaborative relationships with US Youth Soccer and USSF are highly valued.
  • Media relations including, but not limited to radio, news periodicals, television, and computer based formats, are important for positive communication about NSSA and its activities and image.
  • Nebraska State Soccer values tremendously relationships with athletic uniform, equipment, and training and first aid companies.
  • The Director of Coaching will encounter opportunities to build synergy with amateur, semi-professional and collegiate programs.
  • The Director of Coaching is a strong advocate of educational pursuits in the classroom for the ages spanning its membership



  • Maintain a positive image for the association.
  • Apply problem-solving skills in a manner revealing potential opportunities.

Treat membership and staff in a friendly, courteous manner.



  • Hold a current "A" and "National Youth" Licenses from the USSF. 

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