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Employment Opportunities - Job Listing

Executive Director | Florida Fire Juniors


Florida Fire Juniors (Club) seeks an Executive Director (ED) to serve as the managerial lead of the organization. The ED shall develop and execute a plan to accomplish the Club’s strategic objectives, as set by the Board of Directors (BOD) with input from the ED and the Director of Coaching (DOC). The Club seeks an experienced business executive; experience in soccer or other sports background is desirable but not required.

The ED is the key operational and business leader of the Club; has oversight over and is ultimately accountable for all aspects of the Club’s daily operations; is responsible for the planning of fundraising, marketing and community outreach; supervises the DOC and Club staff to ensure that on-field activities and programs are effectively delivered to the Club members; and is responsible for the financial health of the Club, including collaborating with the staff and Treasurer on budget development and financial performance.

(see attached demonstrative for Club organization and structure)



  • Establish and meet long and short-range business objectives for the Club, in alignment with the strategic imperatives established by the Board;
  • Serve as the spokesperson and public face of the Club;
  • Collaborate with the Board to engage membership in volunteering to serve on its active committees;
  • Support the Board’s efforts to proactively engage and cooperate with the Collier County Board of Commissioners, Parks and Recreation and Board of Education;
  • Ensure appropriate and effective reporting to, and communications with, the Board, including:
    • reporting to the Board in regular meetings;
    • coordinate Board meetings and facilitate committees to achieve Club objectives; and
    • gathering, interpreting and articulating information to the Board about community trends and resources as they relate to enhancing the Board’s capacity for effective communication, decision making and long-term planning.
  • Select, hire, develop and manage all Club staff, including the DOC, who is responsible for all on-field soccer operations, such as player and coach development;
  • Establish employment and administrative policies and procedures for all functions and for the day-to-day operations of the Club;
  • Establish and maintain positive and effective relationships with partner organizations, local political and community leaders, and educational and youth sports organizations in order to more effectively serve Club program participants;
  • Be the Club’s liaison to, and represent the Club at events by, Florida Youth Soccer Association and other youth soccer organizations, and to grow and strengthen those relationships;
  • Further develop the relationship with Chicago Fire and the other Chicago Fire Juniors affiliates, including utilizing the resources and opportunities offered; and
  • Develop, organize and manage the Club’s technological platforms and methods of communication to its members (ie, webpage, newsletters, member database, etc.)


Operational Execution

The ED is tasked with leveraging the resources of the Club, including its members, staff and Board, to form and manage committees to meet the Club’s operational and strategic goals and to ensure the effective execution of the Club’s key core functions, including:

  • Financial operations: Establishing a budget and executing the daily operations of the Club to ensure the overall financial health of the organization. This includes directing staff in:
    • Managing Club expenditures and ensuring appropriate controls are in place to support the Club’s financial health;
    • Increasing revenues, sponsorships and grants;
    • Ensuring timely completion of tax filings and reporting;
    • Reviewing staffing plan annually, including job descriptions, staff/employee reviews, and compensation; and
    • Ensuring contracts are in place for all of the Club’s independent contractors;
  • Vendor management: Negotiating and executing contracts with vendors, such as those for insurance, uniforms for competitive and recreational programs, field and gym space, software, sporting equipment and other Club assets and resources.
  • Technology and processes: Ensuring the correct organizational structure, process flow and procedures are in place to ensure efficient and effective operations of the organization, including appropriate back office software systems to facilitate registration, team formation, field (game and training) and referee scheduling, governance, and execution of the Club’s key core functions. 
  • Communication with membership: Executing and ensuring effective internal and external Club communications, including:
    • appropriate and effective player and parent engagement and education;
    • communication of competition and event scheduling information; and
    • appropriate communications with leagues, external tournament organizers, vendors, other clubs, soccer associations and federations, and other external entities.
  • Human resources: Establishing policy, procedures and guidelines for staff operations, human resources, information technology, and other non-technical aspects of Club and staff operations. The ED will supervise the operational staff, who administer all soccer programs, and has supervision of the DOC, who will lead, direct and oversee the technical staff on all on-field activities.  The ED ensures compliance with all employment, anti-discrimination and record-keeping laws and requirements.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with all Federal, State and local regulations.
  • Supervision and Support of the DOC: The DOC will report to the ED.  The DOC will be responsible for all on-field activities, including coaching and playing activities for all levels of play, tournaments, camps and clinics, specifically:
    • Developing and implementing technical curriculum and assessments, including an effective evaluation program for players and coaching staff;
    • Selecting, developing, supervising, supporting and managing the Assistant Director(s) of Coaching at all levels, all head coaches, assistant coaches and technical trainers, along with all applicable coaching contracts, coaching education, coaching credentials, and licensing;
    • Developing and executing the Club training schedule, team plans, and training lessons; and
    • Identifying and selecting players and teams for appropriate leagues, tournaments, FYSA competitions, cups and any advanced or invitation-only training or competitive opportunities.


Program Planning and Execution

The ED, with the advice of and in consultation with the DOC, is responsible for executing and ensuring effective Club program development and management, including:

  • Developing, planning, organizing, marketing and managing all Florida Fire Juniors programs and programming, including all in-house, invitation or open tournaments; camps, clinics and tryout events; all Recreational Programs and all Competitive Programs; the Elite Team Program opportunities/pathways via Chicago Fire Juniors; and Club community special events, such as holiday parties and participation in parades.
  • Expanding and growing camps, clinic offerings and other revenue-producing programs in coordination with DOC.
  • Ensuring a constant focus on customer satisfaction and prompt issue resolution.
  • Continuing to grow and expand program offerings with emphasis on Academy and Pre-Academy, Recreational and Competitive, while adapting programs based on staff, member and player feedback; and
  • Facilitating and developing successful international and domestic trip experiences for key youth age groups.


Sponsorship, Fundraising and Events

  • Cultivate, manage and enhance relationships with the local Chamber(s) of Commerce, Visitors Bureau(s) and local-based businesses to maintain and grow the donations, grants and sponsorships of the Club;
  • Leverage opportunities for sponsorship, and work with Fundraising/Development Committee to develop a target opportunity list of grants, employers, and other large local organizations to provide incremental funding to the Club;
  • Plan and coordinate, with staff, numerous Club sponsored and managed tournaments during the calendar year, including the Fall and Spring tournaments, while seeking to developing other opportunities to expand tournament revenue;
  • Execute fundraising efforts to support Club initiatives, including Club Picnic, Technical Visit(s), Town Hall(s), Business Happy Hours/Breakfasts, Spring Golf tournament, Chicago Fire 1st Team Visits/Pre-season, financial-aid sponsorships and other fundraising opportunities; and
  • Build and cultivate a donor base from Florida Fire Juniors members (past and present), both soliciting donations when registering but also through attendance at Club events, assistance promoting to local businesses and through special donation drives.


Marketing, Branding, Social Media, and Community Relations

  • Execute all marketing, communication and branding strategies.
  • Promote the Club regularly through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other video channels, and to issue targeted Press Releases for all major/significant events.
  • Ensure the effective use of technology for Club communications, utilizing appropriate platforms, integrated systems for online distribution (with facilities for use on mobile devices) and consistent and effective identification, use, distribution and retention of key Club and member information.
  • Develop a program of public relations, marketing, publicity and promotion to corporate partners, news organizations and the local and regional community at large.
  • Develop awareness and ongoing relationship with all Florida Fire Juniors alumni, former coaches and families.
  • Ensuring Club objectives are met in the areas of development and community relations, including:
    • engaging with local governmental leadership to ensure the Club’s field and facilities needs are met;
    • managing and enhancing relations between the Club, local schools and local governmental entities; and
    • serving as liaison to organizations such as FYSA, USYSA and Chicago Fire/MLS.


Florida Fire Juniors Facility and Field Operations and Development

  • Execute oversight and coordination of facility management and appropriation, including ensuring effective execution of the functions of referee and field assignor(s), league representatives, the staff and the Board-sponsored Fields Committee to ensure availability of fields and adequate spaces for all programs and to ensure communication of practice and game schedules for all programs to all members.
  • Direct planning and coordination of all properties and facilities under the agreed access of the Club.
  • Build and cultivate relationships with appropriate County officials and organizations to ensure sufficient and appropriate allocation of fields, conditions and enhancement of fields and new field development.
  • Build and cultivate private partnerships for field and/or gym expansion including HOAs, churches, schools, and private businesses with extra space.
  • Direct compliant and responsible leadership to execute referee and field assignments and league involvement.



Qualifications and Submission Details:

  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills.
  • Preferred minimum of ten (10) years of business experience.
  • Has experience or skill set necessary to work with a board of directors
  • Minimum of eight (8) years formulating and executing a fiscal year budget.
  • Demonstrated excellent oral, telephone and written communication skills.
  • Applicants must be able to work flexible hours, including weekend events.
  • Applicants must demonstrate competence the following:
    • Adaptability: Demonstrate a willingness to be flexible, versatile and/or be tolerant in a changing work environment while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency
    • Build Relationships: Establish and maintain positive working relationships with staff, Board Members, Sponsors, local SWFL Community and Government leaders
    • Communicate Effectively: Speak, listen and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner using appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques
    • Plan: Determine strategies to move the organization forward, set goals, create and implement action plans, evaluate processes and results, and take quick corrective action
    • Solve Problems/Resolve Issues: Quickly handle member complaints and issues, league/coach/referee issues by involving the appropriate staff or process to assess problem situation, identify root cause, gather and process relevant information, generate possible solutions and make recommendations or decisions to move forward promptly
    • Think Strategically: Assess options and actions based on trends and conditions in the local or national environments; opportunities presented to partner for program or programming expansion
    • Mission and Values: Be passionate about Florida Fire Juniors mission and live the values, ensuring they are consistently present throughout the Club’s programs
  • Experience that demonstrates strong soccer knowledge is desirable; preferably running soccer operations for another soccer entity (collegiate, non-profit, business operations for a soccer club etc.) on the business operational side (not solely as DOC, coach or other technical staff).
  • Submission details:
    • Requirements: cover letter, resume and references (minimum of three (3) references);
    • Deadline: January 21st, 2018 6:00PM EST; and
    • Submit to:


About Florida Fire Juniors (Current Mission Statement):

The Naples Youth Soccer Club (dba Florida Fire Juniors) is a community-based, not-for-profit, competitive youth soccer organization which:

  • Uses soccer to develop life-long values, including personal responsibility, hard work, fair play, good sportsmanship and teamwork;
  • Provides rigorous training environment to develop players’ skills and knowledge of the game;
  • Provide opportunities to compete at the highest level;
  • Encourages participation by players from all social, economic and ethnic backgrounds;
  • Prepares players for high school soccer and enhances their opportunities to play in college and beyond; and
  • For the 2017/2018 season, has:
    • Nearly 600 players, competitive and recreational;
    • Staff exceeding 45 technical and administrative,
    • In excess of 50 teams; and
    • Revenues approaching $500,000.

Apply Now if you are interested!