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MRL Referees


NOTE: The MRL Match Report has been updated for Spring 2018. Referee Reports are to be completed and submitted to the host team or the Site Coordinator following the game. Send Offs or Serious Incidents are to be reported immediately following game to Be sure to list age group, division, teams, player(s) sent off, the offense and your name, email and phone number. Be sure to include as much information as possible on the Supplemental Referee Report that can be emailed to

Remember to review the implemented Laws of the Game.  Be sure to be familiar with the Laws and other instructions as found here: [LINK]

This league features the highest level of soccer within the 14-state Midwest Region of US Youth Soccer, with teams earning the right to advance to the Regional Championships. The level of competition is comparable to games at Regionals and late round State Cup competition. 

Thus, teams, coaches and parents expect the very best from referees. Our league strives to provide everyone with the best environment for youth soccer competition. Your acceptance of games in the MRL demonstrates your desire to officiate at the highest levels of youth soccer and we appreciate the hours of dedication you have invested in reaching this level. Good luck with your games. We want to hear from you with your feedback regarding refereeing in the MRL. Should you have any questions on referees in the MRL, please direct them to Midwest Region Referee Administrative Assistant Ryan Cigich at  

FIFA Laws of the Game
2018 Spring Season Instructions to Referees
2017-18 MRL Local Assignor Policies
2018 Spring Season MRL Assignor Report Form
W-9 Blank Form
2017-18 MRL Team Line-Up Form
2017-18 MRL Referee Match Report
2017-18 MRL Referee Supplemental Report

Teams in the following state associations should contact the individual listed below in order to coordinate referees for matches that MRL teams are hosting:

Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | Ohio-N Ohio-S | Wisconsin

Steve Jablow 630-276-3282
Fox Valley (Western Suburbs)
Alex Mavros
Chicago North
Craig Meller 309-453-6350
Peoria Area
Ramon Guevara 815-703-9643
Indiana Jennifer Austin  
Iowa Eric Wood 763-234-9369
Eastern Iowa
Iowa Jim Elmer   
Kansas Gordon Crape 913-710-9389
Kansas City Area
Kentucky Stan Sizemore  859-227-0373
Michigan Francisco A. Villarruel

Minnesota Troy Cohrs

Missouri Shane Butler 314-265-5175
St. Louis Area  
Missouri Karen Swanner 314-283-0893
St. Louis Area
Missouri Tonya Wade-Smith 417-890-0047
Missouri Chris Eberhart 816-875-4191
Kansas City (MO)
Missouri TBD    
Ohio North Brian Miller 440-554-4480
Ohio North Pete Tomassini 419-885-5843
Toledo Area
Ohio South Aaron Mitchell 614-256-6761
Ohio South Khary Williams  
Ohio South Robert A. Hope 937-423-4673 
Wisconsin Kyle Trimble 414-807-0212 

To view latest information from US Soccer regarding Referees, rules and interpretations, click here.
Teams in state associations not listed above should contact their local referee assignor for referees.