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Name Your Thanksgiving Starting 11 Foods

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Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and we’re thankful for the game of soccer and the opportunities for physical, mental and emotional growth that it presents to all its participants in the United States and across the world. Now, we’re looking to add a little soccer theme to how you view your Thanksgiving dinner.
Go to US Youth Soccer’s Facebook page and name your Starting 11 Thanksgiving dishes. That’s your favorite 11 foods that you will be eating this Thursday. We’ll look through the posts and name a "Best 11" dishes that would create the ultimate Thanksgiving feast.
In this scenario, the table becomes the field. Once your table is set and the food is in position, you can take a photo and post it to our Facebook page or Tweet it using the hashtag #USYSThx11.  At least send us your Starting 11!
We are thankful for the fun that soccer brings us all and hope you have a great holiday with friends and family.
Who will be the ‘Side of the Match’???
Thank you for your involvement in the game, and don’t forget that soccer is a fun way to work off that Thanksgiving feast.