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2012-2013 National League Commits | Under-17 Boys

US Youth Soccer National League

Updated 5/16/13

*Note: These are the commitments reported to US Youth Soccer and may not be complete.

Bethesda Revolution (MD)
Not submitted
Carlsbad Elite (CA-S)
Not submitted

CESA Premier (SC)
Not submitted

Concorde Fire Elite (GA)
Not submitted
CUP Crew Jrs Gold 95/96 (OH-S)
Josh Grant Xavier
Thomas Moore Navy
FC Golden State (CA-S)
Chris Argueta San Diego State
GSA 96 Phoenix Red (GA)
Eli Pinner Furman
Ricardo Gomez Furman
Everick Little Georgia State
Lehigh Valley United 95 (E-PA)  
Justin Worley Lehigh
Jordon Ellison Wilmington Univ.
Patrick Berneski Notre Dame
Jack Natale Bucknell
Wyatt Fabian Lafayette
Daniel Busichio Emory Univ.
Ryan Brown Dickinson
Shaun Quinn American Univ.
Luke Masiado Dickinson
Matthew Barile Manhattan College

Lou Fusz Gold (MO)
Not submitted

Michigan Jaguars (MI)
Zachary Bock Western Michigan
Don Nakashima Detroit
Michael Winters Saginaw Valley State
Lou Plascencia Michigan State
Phil Ritchie Kalamazoo
Grant Scovel Adrian College
Luai Fakhoury Saginaw Valley State
OBGC Rangers (MD)
Sean Cowdrey Indiana
Matthias Pecoraro Navy
Miguel Hernandez Catholic
Nick Tait St. Mary's
Karl Brown Colgate
Jake Rozhansky Virginia
Bruno Scodari Colgate
Carter Manley Duke
Chase Gasper Virginia
Jeremy Ebobisse Duke
Scottsdale 96 Blackhawks (AZ)
Sam Gleadle New Mexico
Zachary Marks Davidson

SDFC Gauchos (NJ)
Justin Gonsalves Univ. of Pennsylvania
Alex Patel Manhattan College
Ryan Peterson North Carolina State
Waza FC East 96 Black (MI)
Matt Gross Rochester College
Ted Hurst Washington and Lee Univ.
West Coast FC (CA-S)  
Michael Chavez California - Riverside
Zev Gollis Richmond Intl. Academy (UK)
Nick Godfrey Oregon State
Anthony Novella Hawaii - Hilo
West Pines Strikers (FL)
Not submitted