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National League Schedule


The US Youth Soccer National League consists of teams in each of the Under-15 through Under-19/20 Boys and Girls age groups. Teams have earned their place in the league through individual proven success in US Youth Soccer Regional League and National Championship Series competition. Each team will play in two of three National League event dates, with every team competing in the National League Fall Showcase in Wilson, N.C.
National League teams are competing for division championships and a spot in the US Youth Soccer National Championships. Four teams in each age group, the top teams per division, will advance to join the four Regional Champions at the National Championships. The top teams in each Under-15 through Under-17 division also earn automatic placement in the National League for the 2017-18 season.




Fall Showcase | Wilson, N.C.
Dec. 8-11
Wilson Gillette Soccer Complex, Rocky Mount Sports Complex & Local Fields
Kickoff times...
Thurs.-Saturday: 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm
Sunday: 7:30 am, 9:20 am, 11:10 am, 1 pm
All 128 teams
Fall Showcase | Wilson, N.C.
Dec. 1-4
Wilson Gillette Soccer Complex, Rocky Mount Sports Complex & Local Fields
Kickoff times...
Thurs.-Saturday: 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm
Sunday: 7:30 am, 9:20 am, 11:10 am, 1 pm
All 128 teams
Disney Soccer Showcase | Orlando
Dec. 27-29 (30*)
ESPN Wide World of Sports & One Other Site
3 games, Tuesday-Thursday
64 teams participating
(*Disney playoff games on the 30th)
Disney Soccer Showcase | Orlando
Dec. 31-Jan. 2 (3*)
ESPN Wide World of Sports & One Other Site
3 games, Saturday-Monday
64 teams participating
(*Disney playoff games on the 3rd)
Players College Showcase | Las Vegas
March 10-12
Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex
Kickoff times...
Friday-Saturday: 8 am, 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm
Sunday: 7:30 am, 9:20 am, 11:10 am, 1 pm
64 teams participating
Players College Showcase | Las Vegas
March 17-19
Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex
Kickoff times...
Friday-Saturday: 8 am, 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm
Sunday: 7:30 am, 9:20 am, 11:10 am, 1 pm
64 teams participating



Under-15 Boys   Under-15 Girls
Penn Fusion 02 Elite (PA-E)   HMMS Eagle FC 02 Impact (PA-E)
Baltimore Celtic 02 (MD)   YMS Premier 02 (PA-E)
Syracuse Development Academy 02/03 (NY-W) Nationals Union 02 Black (MI)
02 CASL Red (NC)   New Jersey Rush 02 Blue (NJ)
Delaware Rush 02 (DE)   02 CASL Ladies Red (NC)
CUP 02 Gold (OH-S)   Solar Chelsea 02 (TX-N)
CESA 02 Premier (SC)   North United Rush 02 (PA-W)
Bethesda SC South 02 (VA)   Sting Austin 02 (TX-S)
Under-16 Boys   Under-16 Girls
Penn Fusion 01 Elite (PA-E)   United FA 01 Premier (GA)
West Pines United (FL)   LFSA 01 Select (IL)
Concorde Fire 01 Elite (GA)   Nationals Union 01 Black (MI)
GSA 01 Premier (GA)   Michigan Jaguars 01 Green (MI)
Baltimore Armour PA 15 (MD)   Nationals Union 01 Red (MI)
Sporting Omaha FC 01 Elite (NE)   Midwest United FC 01 Royal (MI)
01 CASL Red (NC)   FCKC Academy Blues Elite 01 (MO)
01 CSA Charlotte Predator (NC)   Elite Girls Academy 01 Maroon (NE)
Solar Chelsea 01 Stricker (TX-N)   Greater Binghamton FC 01 Select (NY-W)
Solar Chelsea 01 Elite (TX-N)   01 TFCA Alliance (NC)
Team Challenger FC (OH-N)   01 CSA Charlotte Predator (NC)
USA/MP 01 Premier (SC)   CUP 01 Gold (OH-S)
Lobos Rush 01 Premier (TN)   TFA Elite 01 (OH-S)
Bethesda SC South 01 (VA)   SLSC Cosmos 01 Lawless (OK)
BRYC 01 Elite (VA)   KHA Red (KY)
Loudoun 01 Red (VA)   BRYC Elite Academy 01/02 (VA)
Under-17 Boys   Under-17 Girls
HMMS Eagle FC 00 Titans (PA-E)   HBC Impact 00 (NY-E)
BRYC 00 Elite (VA)    Sunrise Sting 00 (FL)
Davie United Sharks Blue (FL)   United FA 00 Premier (GA)
GSA 00 Premier (GA)   Campton United 00 (IL)
United FA 00 Premier (GA)   FC United 00 Select 1 (IL)
Baltimore Celtic 00 (MD)   Midwest United FC 00 Royal (MI)
Nationals Union 00 Black (MI)   Nationals Union 00 Black (MI)
Lou Fusz SC Geerling (MO)   FC Kansas City Academy Blues Elite 00 (MO)
00 CASL Red (NC)   Sporting Omaha FC 00 Elite (NE)
FC Dallas 00 Boys (TX-N)   New Jersey Stallions Stampede (NJ)
CUP 00 Gold (OH-S)   Triangle Futbol Club Alliance 00 (NC)
TSC Hurricane 00 Elite (OK)   Dallas Kicks SC 00 (TX-N)
Houstonians 00 (TX-S)   Solar Chelsea 00 Bates (TX-N)
Tennessee SC 00 (TN)   OFC 00 Phillips (OK)
TUSC 00 Red (TN)   FC Virginia United Elite 00 (VA)
McLean 00 Hotspur Green (VA)   North Shore United Blue (WI)
Under-18 Boys   Under-18 Girls
Delaware Rush 99 (DE)   FC Pennsylvania Strikers (PA-E)
Dix Hills Hurricanes (NY-E)   Patriot FC 99 Revolution (PA-E)
United FA Premier (GA)   United FA 99 Premier (GA)
Concorde Fire 99 Elite (GA)   Midwest United FC 99 Royal (MI)
Ambush 99 Red (GA)   Nationals Union 99 Black (MI)
KSA 99 Pro-Profile (GA)   FC Kansas City Academy Blues Elite 99 (MO)
Baltimore Celtic SC Christos (MD)   PDA Shore 99 (NJ)
Dallas Texans 99 Red (TX-N)   SDFC 99 Yellow (NJ)
Andromeda/Solar 99 Sawyer (TX-N)   Syracuse Development Academy 99 (NY-W)
FC Dallas 99 Premier (TX-N)   CUP 99 Gold (OH-S)
North United Premier 99 (PA-W)   KHA Red (OH-S)
South Carolina United 99 Elite (SC)    OFC 99 Hampton (OK)
CESA 99 Premier (SC)    Arsenal FC Premier Pride (PA-W)
Loudoun 99 Red (VA)   Beadling 99 (PA-W)
BRYC 99 Elite (VA)   South Carolina United FC 99 Elite (SC) 
Arlington SA 99 Red (VA)   SC Waukesha 99 Blue (WI)
Under-19/20 Boys   Under-19/20 Girls
Penn Fusion 98 Elite (PA-E)   NTH Tophat 98 Gold (GA)
98 CASL Red (NC)   Team Chicago Academy 98 Elite (IL)
Solar Chelsea 98/99 Red (TX-N)   Alliance Academy Black (MI)
FC Dallas 98 Premier (TX-N)   Elite Girls Academy 98 Maroon (NE)
Ohio Galaxies FC 98 Elite (OH-S)   FC Copa Academy 98/99 Black (NJ)
Oklahoma FC 98 (OK)   98 Carolina Rapids Academy (NC)
CESA 98 Premier (SC)    KHA Red (OH-S)
Loudoun 98 Red (VA)   Austin Texans 98 (TX-S)



Under-15 Boys   Under-15 Girls
Boca Juniors OC 02 White (CA-S)   Arsenal FC Academy 02 Brown (CA-S)
Solar Chelsea 02 (TX-N)   Legends FC 02 Academy (CA-S)
Michigan Jaguars 02 Green (MI)   Fullerton Rangers 02 White (CA-S)
02 Michigan Wolves (MI)   Chicago Fire Jrs. South Premier (IL)
Midwest United FC 02 Royal (MI)   Sporting Omaha FC Elite 02 (NE)
SLSG Elite 02 (MO)   CUP 02 Gold (OH-S)
SC Waukesha 02 Blue (WI)   Tennessee SC 02 Showcase (TN)  
USA Mount Pleasant 02 Premier (SC)   La Roca PO 02 (UT)
Under-16 Boys   Under-16 Girls
Valparaiso United Futbol 01 JG (AZ)   FC Elk Grove 02 Platinum 1 (CA-N)
EC Real Salinas Galaxy 01 (CA-N)   USA Stars 01 (CA-N)
Legends FC 01 (CA-S)   Legends FC 01 Academy (CA-S)
FC Golden State 01 Black (CA-S)   Fullerton Rangers 01 White (CA-S)
LA Premier FC LAFA (CA-S)   Legends FC 01 (CA-S)
Village of the Branch Cosmos United 01 (NY-E) 1776 United FC 01 Xtreme (PA-E)
Raiders FC 01 (IL)   Florida Elite 01 (FL)
Galaxy 01 Blue (IL)   Lonestar 01 TCL Composite (TX-S)
Bethesda SC Blue 01 (MD)   FC Frederick 01 (MD)
Sporting J. B. Marine Mann (MO)   Century V 01 Gold (PA-W)
LVSA 01 Red (NV)   Beadling Elite 01 (PA-W) 
CUP 01 Gold (OH-S)   01 Tennessee SC (TN)
RPSC River 24K (OR)   FC Alliance 01 (TN)
Beadling (PA-W)   Utah Celtic FC Premier 01 (UT) 
South Carolina United FC 01 Elite (SC)    La Roca Premier FD (UT)
Seattle United 01 Copa (WA)   PacNW 01 Maroon (WA)
Under-17 Boys   Under-17 Girls
Scottsdale Blackhawks 00 (AZ)   Scottsdale Blackhawks 00 Taylor (AZ)
West Coast 00 Armour (CA-S)   Legends FC 00 Academy (CA-S)
Fullerton Rangers 00 White (CA-S)   Rebels SC Elite 00 (CA-S)
LA Galaxy San Diego 00 Elite (CA-S)   Beach FC Academy 00 Joyner (CA-S)
Delaware Rush 00 (DE)   LMSC Storm (PA-E)
LMSC Sabertooth Rats (PA-E)   FC Pride 00 Elite (IL)
Raiders FC 00 (IL)   PSC 01 Navy (MD)
Libertyville FC 1974 (IL)   Princeton SA IGFA (NJ)
OBGC Rangers Blue (MD)   Cleveland FC (OH-N)
Baltimore Bays 00 (MD)   CUP 00 Gold (OH-S)
SLSG Elite 00 (MO)   FC Salmon Creek Nemesis 00 Ellertson (OR)
Toledo Celtics (OH-N)   Century V 00 Gold (PA-W)
Sparta 00 Premier JK (UT)   Tennessee SC 00 (TN)
LVU 00 Boys Black (PA-E)   FC Alliance 00 (TN)
Washington Premier FC 00 Black (WA)    Greater Seattle Surf 00 (WA)
Seattle United 00 Copa (WA)   Washington Rush 00 (WA)
Under-18 Boys   Under-18 Girls
SC del Sol 99 Colavecchia (AZ)   Santa Clara Sporting 99 Green  (CA-N)
EC Real Salinas Pumas (CA-N)   Palo Alto 99 Blue (CA-N)
Fullerton Rangers White 99 (CA-S)    LA Galaxy San Diego Elite 99 (CA-S)
LA Galaxy South Bay 99 Elite (CA-S)   Albion SC Academy 99 (CA-S)
Strikers FC North 99/00 (CA-S)   Legends FC 99 Academy (CA-S)
LA Premier FC LAFA (CA-S)   DMCV Sharks 99 Elite (CA-S)
FC Montco Die Mannschaft (PA-E)   LAGSB Elite 99/00 (CA-S)
LTSC Union Showcase 99/00 (IL)   FKK 99 Florida Krush Black (FL)
GLSA FC 1974 Libertyville (IL)   Minneapolis United Inferno (MN)
Sporting STL – McMahon Ford (MO)   Andromeda/Solar 99 - Grado (TX-N)
Ohio Premier Green (OH-S)   Cleveland FC (OH-N)
CUP 99 Gold (OH-S)   Classics Eagles Red 99 (OH-S)
La Roca South CS 99/00 Premier (UT)   Tennessee SC Girls Showcase (TN)
WPFC 99 Black (WA)    La Roca PO 99 (UT)
Milwaukee Bavarians (WI)    Utah FC 99 EB (UT)
Elm Grove Soccer Club (WI)   Eastside FC 99 Red (WA)
Under-19/20 Boys   Under-19/20 Girls
Albion SC 98 Academy (CA-S)   Beach FC Academy 98 (CA-S)
Chicago Fire Jrs. (IL)   Legends FC 98 Academy (CA-S)
FC United 98 Select (IL)   Arsenal FC-S Bowers (CA-S)
Baltimore Bays 98 (MD)   YMS Xplosion 98 (PA-E)
Pipeline 98 Black (MD)   ASA Azzurri 98 (MD)
Sporting St. Croix Academy (MN)   Utah Celtic Premier 98 (UT) 
Challenger Crew Jrs. Gold 98 (OH-N)   ABGC Annandale United FC 98 (VA)
USA 98 Premier (UT)   Eastside FC 98 Red (WA)