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New Soccer Videos and Content


Brought to you by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program


LMIRS_USYSA_Article_Image_250x250_MEDIA2 exclusive contentEvery week we add new videos and content to the US Youth Soccer page on 


Recently we have added:

·         Videos on how to use Responsible Sports principles like Goal Setting, ELM, ROOTS, Mastery Approach and more. 

·         Podcasts from US Soccer National Team goalie Tim Howard and US Youth Soccer staff George Kuntz, Mike Freitag, Sam Snow and more. Listen to them talk about everything from their youth sports experience, their parents role in their career, their coaches roles and more. 

·         Articles highlighting the latest news and information including The Four R’s of Recovery, Sports Safety for Parents and highlights of youth sports teams showing responsibility in our Top 10 Responsible Sports Moments program. 


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