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2010 US Youth Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees announced

February 20, 2011 09:00 PM
The US Youth Soccer Hall of Fame inductees for the 2010 class includes four administrators, Chris Christoffersen, Dr. Robert Contiguglia, Elmer Elhers and Darl Rose.
The third class of the US Youth Soccer Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala on Friday, Feb. 25, at 7:30 p.m., as part of the US Youth Soccer Workshop in Louisville, Ky.

Wayne L. "Chris" Christoffersen (Overland Park, Kan.) | Administrator
Wayne L. "Chris" Christoffersen was a founding member and the first president of the Kansas State Youth Soccer Association, a proud member of US Youth Soccer. Prior to the formation of the State Association, he was the vice president of the Heart of America Soccer Association. He was the US Youth Soccer Region II Director from 1994 to 2006, serving on the board of directors. During this time, Region II started the US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional League. It is only fitting that Christoffersen is still active in US Youth Soccer as the chairman of the US Youth Soccer National League, a league in which teams earn their way in through success in regional leagues. Read the full profile here.

Dr. Robert "Dr. Bob" Contiguglia (Denver) | Administrator
Dr. Robert "Dr. Bob" Contiguglia served as president of US Youth Soccer from 1990 to 1996. He also secured the first national sponsorship and introduced Soccer Start (now Soccer Across America). In 1980, he served as president of the Colorado Youth Soccer, a proud member of US Youth Soccer. During his eight years as Colorado president, Contiguglia grew the organization from 3,000 to 33,000 members. He also introduced coach and referee training programs. From 1990 to the present, Contiguglia has served on the U.S. Soccer Federation board of directors, serving as president from 1998 to 2006. In 2010, he was honored with the Werner Fricker Builder Award by U.S. Soccer for his work furthering soccer. Read the full profile here.
Elmer Ehlers (Milwaukee) | Administrator
Elmer Ehlers served 10 years as Region II director on US Youth Soccer's board of directors (1984-94). This was a period of great growth for youth soccer and membership increased by more than one million players. Also on the national stage, Ehlers remained involved in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series after he retired as regional director. He contributed to the US Youth Soccer Region II Championships in whatever capacity was needed year after year. Because of his contributions to US Youth Soccer, the Under-14 Girls US Youth Soccer National Championship Cup was named the Elmer Ehlers Cup in his honor in 2002. Ehlers passed away in May 2001. Read the full profile here.
Darl Rose (Las Vegas) | Administrator
Darl Rose began his involvement as a charter member of United States Youth Soccer Nevada. From 1974 through 1988, he served as treasurer, vice chairman, chairman and past chairman. In 1980, Rose became involved in US Youth Soccer committees including the regional protest and appeals, National McGuire Cup and budget. He was elected US Youth Soccer Region IV Director in 1988 and served on the board of directors through 2006. Rose was also on the U.S. Soccer Federation board during that period. He served on several U.S. Soccer committees and served as the head of delegation for several National Team trips abroad. In 2001, Rose was awarded the U.S. Soccer President's Award. Read the full profile here.

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