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Health and Safety

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Eating to Play

A letter was sent to the editors requesting information about eating around game times. With the new season nearly upon us, it is probably a good time to review some topics associated with nutrition and sports performance. This has been one of the most intensely researched topics in the sports performance literature and there have been many advances from the "Saturday morning steaks" that dads might remember from their high school football days.
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These days, drinking fluids during exercise is considered normal behavior. The importance of drinking water was first documented during the construction of the Hoover Dam near Las Vegas in the mid-1930's. Unfortunately, the athletic community didn't catch on until the middle 1960's. In the late 60's and early 70's, the opinion of many began to shift and drinking water during exercise started to become commonplace. Nowadays, withholding water might even be considered negligent.
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Four Common Myths About Nutrition Among Soccer Players

There are more myths that coaches, players and parents may be following, but below four of the more common myths are dispelled. By following the nutritional guidelines below, players, coaches and teams can put themselves in an advantageous position before the match starts.
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The Hamstring Epidemic - Pre-Game Preparation and Injury Prevention

Over the past several decades, the general public has been inundated with information from sports medicine practitioners regarding the prevention of hamstring injuries. One of the focal points of these injury prevention programs has been the use of static stretches as the primary deterrent for hamstring strains, or “pulls” (static stretches are defined as stretching a muscle to lengthened position and holding for a set time.
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ACL Injury and the Female Soccer Player

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) has received a lot of press over the past several years, especially in how it relates to the female athlete. Much of the attention has focused on the seemingly higher injury rates in female athletes as compared to males. Numerous research studies that have been conducted over the past 10 years indicate that females are indeed more susceptible to ACL injuries; most studies report that females are 4-8 times more likely to tear this ligament.
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Results: 15 Article(s) Found.