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Health and Safety

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Q&A | Head Injuries with Doug Andreassen, Washington president

The Zachery Lysteadt bill was passed in Washington. It requires all student athletes to be pulled out of games if they sustain a head injury. The athlete wouldn't be allowed to return to the field until they are seen by a heath professional trained in head injuries. It also requires that coaches, parents and athletes receive information about head injuries before the season starts.
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US Youth Soccer issues statement on Swine Flu

Dear US Youth Soccer Volunteers: This message is to let you know that we recently received inquiries from volunteers regarding the swine flu. We encourage our volunteers to closely monitor the situation in their specific community and to be prepared to act in accordance with recommendations or directives issued by their local or state health departments.
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You've Been Injured - Now What?

The unfortunate reality of soccer as a contact sport is that injuries happen. Most of these are relatively minor things that get better with some rest and rehabilitation, but some injuries will be more severe and will require assistance from a number of professionals to get you back in the game. What follows below is a basic outline of how different individuals are involved in returning a player to competition after a significant injury, and the different phases in the recovery process.
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Hydration and Heat Illness Guidelines from USSF

The popularity of soccer among American youth is at an all-time high. Nearly 14 million young athletes (13,832,000 ) under the age of 18 play soccer at elite and recreational levels in the United States.​
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Results: 4 Article(s) Found.