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Parents Resource Library

Results: 14 Article(s) Found.

Parenting Education | Feeding the Young Athlete

Cynthia Lair and Scott Murdoch present information on what young athletes should eat, when they should eat and how to shop for their food. It includes some informational graphics to easily present ideas, such as what and when to eat on a game day.
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Parenting Education | Developing Creative Potential within Each Child

Horst Wein provides the 10 most important conditions to develop creative potential in youth players. His list includes suggestions like letting kids play every position, giving the players more freedom to create their own training games and using more games than exercises in training.
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Parenting Education | Winning vs. Development

I don’t think they are mutually exclusive. Winning, or having a good chance at winning, is an outcome of good player development. Let’s be clear up front – always try to win. There’s nothing wrong with winning. It’s winning at any cost that is a problem. When the outcome of a match is more important than young players having the chance to perform, then a coach must take a step back. It’s the drive to win at the detriment of the players that is a problem in youth soccer today.
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Parenting Education | Diversity Can Be a Burden to Bear

At some point during each season, our boys begin to notice what has become commonplace. On multiple occasions, the Morristown boys soccer team is the target of racial and ethnic slurs. Highly offensive and inappropriate comments have become an uninvited tradition for our boys, both on the field and from the sidelines. What some coaches and players have dismissed as “trash talk” is, upon closer examination, highly inappropriate and deeply sad.
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Results: 14 Article(s) Found.