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Competitive matches showcased at opening day of 2010-2011 US Youth Soccer National League Boys season

November 18, 2010 07:00 PM
Day 1 of 4 complete
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WILSON, N.C. (Nov. 18, 2010)
– Elite youth teams from across the country in the Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 Boys age groups kicked off US Youth Soccer National League play at the Wilson Gillette Soccer Complex in Wilson, N.C. today.

Games are being played in conjunction with the CASL National Soccer Series college showcase creating another significant opportunity for the nation's collegiate, professional and national team coaches to see National League players in an environment of meaningful play.  

Teams are performing at the highest level as the league's expansion to 48 teams has added greater depth to the competition as they are playing not only for a positive result, but for the college coaches and National Team scouts who line the sidelines.

"These kids are fighting to hopefully get a National Championship, and you could say there's a little bite to the games. The level is definitely up there with the top teams in the country, and I think it's because of the great competition. We're excited to be out here and be a part of it," said Wake Forest assistant men's soccer coach Bo Oshoniyi.
The league is an extension of the highly successful US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues (US Youth Soccer Region I Premier League, Midwest Regional League, Region III Premier League and Far West Regional League). The National League provides an avenue for teams to play in meaningful matches against top competition from across the country for continued development and opportunities for exposure at the national team, collegiate and professional levels. In addition to recruiting opportunities, National League teams compete for the league title and two slots per gender age group to the annual US Youth Soccer National Championships.

Some highlights from today's matches…

Under-15 Boys
Two Regional semifinalists met in the first day of league play for the Under-15 Boys blue division – one from Region I, OBGC Rangers (MD), and the other from Region II, CUP Crew Jrs. Gold (OH-S). Gedion Zelalem put OBGC on the board just before the half with a 37th minute goal, and teammate Babatuni Osifeso upped the OBGC lead to 2-0 with a 60th minute shot of his own. CUP looked to make a comeback when Austin Harrell knocked one past the keeper in the 75th, but Jony Karahbetyan topped off the OBGC win in the 80th minute for a 3-1 final score.

In the Under-15 Boys blue division, Penn Fusion 95 (E-PA) marked their first win of league play over the reigning Region III Champion, Lonestars 96 Red (S-TX), with a 1-0 final tally. The score was knotted until Matthew Greer slotted the lone Penn Fusion goal in the 53rd.

Under-16 Boys
CESA 94 Premier (SC) were set for today's match up in the Under-16 Boys blue division with four ODP Region III players (Austen Burnikel, Christian Calloway, Erik Clark) and Arthur Eggers, who  in addition to being an ODP Region III player, is also a National Team player. They met Sockers U16 Cup (IL) in a game that ended deadlocked at 0-0 when the final whistle blew.

Concorde Fire Elite (GA) marked their first regional championship in 2010 and look to carry that success into the 2010-2011 National League season as they slotted a 3-0 victory over AHFC 95 (S-TX). US Youth Soccer ODP Region III player, Shaban Abousaud, opened with Concorde's 18th minute goal. Caleb Adams and Cameron Bean followed up in the 56th and 63rd minutes for the win.
Under-17 Boys
CUP Crew Jrs. Gold (OH-S) stepped out with a 20th minute goal from Josh Shaw, but Commack SC United (E-NY) countered with a 29th minute Phil Denara goal. Commack took the 3-1 lead with goals from Samuel Durkot and Max Aronica in the 60th and 82nd minutes. CUP's Evan Talkers had a last minute shot in the 90th, but it was not enough pull out a win. Commack walked away with the 3-2 final in the Under-17 Boys red division.
Penn Fusion Celtics (E-PA) kicked off their second season of league play with a 2-0 win over the Dallas Texans Red (N-TX) in the Under-17 Boys red division. Melvin Snoh slotted a left-footed shot past the keeper in the 40th and Stefan Dasbach netted one in the 64th for the day one Penn Fusion win.  

National League action continues Friday, Nov. 19, at Wilson Gillette Soccer Complex with games at 10 a.m., Noon and 2 and 4 p.m. For complete standings, scores and schedules, click here or go to /National_League/.

US Youth Soccer National League Results | Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010

Under-15 Boys Blue            
OBGC Rangers MD 3   CUP Crew Juniors Gold OH-S 1
RANG - Gedion Zelalem (37:00),Babatunji Osifeso (60:00), Jony Karahbetyan (80:00)  
CUP  - Austin Harrell (75:00)          
Lonestar 96 Red TX-S 0   Penn Fusion 95 PA-E 1
PF95 - Matthew Greer (53:00)          
West Pines United Black FL 1   FC Dallas Youth 96 TX-N 2
WPU - Kevin Paz (7:00) | FCD - Luis Hernandez (62:00), Ilya Dmitriakov (71:00)    
Concorde Fire  GA 1   Scottsdale Soccer 96 Blackhawks AZ 5
CFE - Jack Gayton (57:00)            
 96BH - Samuel Gleadle (6:00), Tyler Dial (10:00), Alexis De La Rosa (40:00), Grant Lillard (51:00) (54:00)
Under-15 Boys Red            
Lehigh Valley United 95 PA-E 0   Michigan Jaguars MI 1
JAGS - Nathan McLean (80:00)          
Team America 95 Stripes VA 0   95 CSA Charlotte SA Predator NC 2
CSA - Daniel A. Khordehforosh (62:00), Eduardo Iturbide (72:00)    
CESA 95 Premier SC 0   SDFC 09 Gauchos NJ 4
SDFC - Alexander Patel (17:00), Miles Hackett (47:00), Harrison Steadman (50:00), Jose Meza (58:00)
LAFC Houstonians '96 TX-S 3   Classics Eagles Red OH-S 3
HOUS - Juan Flores (3:00) | HOUS - Flavio Bonavides (4:00) | HOUS - Shareef El-Saadi (11:00) | CEFC - Hunter  Robertson (48:00) | CEFC - Josh McErlean (81:00) | HOUS - Jeremy Colvin (59:00)
Under-16 Boys Blue            
CESA 94 Premier SC 0   Sockers U 16 Cup  IL 0
Reston Knights FC VA 2   MN Thunder Academy 95 MN 3
MNTH - Matthew Gweh (3:00) (18:00), Getenet Yuji (61:00) | KFC - Andres Garcia (31:00), James Paredes (48:00)
Lake Grove United NY-E 1   Eastside FC 94 Red WA 1
LGU - Toni Domingues (33:00) | EFC - Alexander Shane (39:00)    
Everest SC Black OH-N 1   Albion White CA-S 1
EVER - James Haupt (9:00) | ALB - Richard Kirouac (68:00)          
Under-16 Boys Red            
Concorde Fire Elite GA 3   AHFC 95B TX-S 0
CFE - Shaban Abousaud (18:00), Caleb Adams (56:00), Cameron Bean (63:00)    
Beachside CT 2   Eclipse Select 94 95 IL 1
BEAC - Keith Bond (9:00), Tim Frassetto (80:00) | ECLP - Daniel Szczepanek (39:00)  
Raiders FC IL 3   AC Bethesda MD 3
RFC - Romo Gonzalo (33:00), Brandon Medina (46:00), Ulises Hernandez (51:00)   
AC - Patrick Tshiani (65:00), Nicholas Corriveau (77:00), Vikram Pothuri (80:00)  
Team Ohio FC Juventus OH-S 4   Downtown Rapids 95 Gold NV 2
TOJU - Ben Fitzpatrick (2:00), Andrew McKelvey (24:00), Rylee Woods (36:00), Jake  Anderson (76:00) 
DR95 - Juan Carlos Regalado JR (6:00) (39:00)    
Under-17 Boys Blue            
Javanon 94  KY 2   Waza FC 94 Black MI 2
J94 - Jacob Scearce (15:00), Vince Shaw (67:00) | WAZA - Kevin Wilcox (64:00), Gino Pasquali (71:00)
TSC 94 Black OK 1   Blast FC OH-S 0
TSC - Anesuishe Raranje (81:00)          
PSC Coppa 93 PA-E 2   RSL Florida 93 FL 0
PSC  - Joseph Farrell (61:00), Joseph Farrell (72:00)    
Annandale United FC VA 0   Sereno 94 White AZ 3
SERE - Riggs Lennon (9:00), Brock Labertew (33:00), Riggs Lennon (84:00)    
Under-17 Boys Red             
Dallas Texans Red-Dallas TX-N 0   Penn Fusion Celtic PA-E 2
CELT - Melvin Snoh (40:00), Stefan Dasbach (64:00)    
Commack SC United NY-E 3   CUP Crew Jrs U 17 Gold OH-S 2
CSCU - Phil Denara (29:00), Samuel Durkot (60:00), Max Aronica (82:00)    
 CUP - Josh Spaw (20:00), Evan Talkers (90:00)    
CESA 93 Boys Premier SC 0   Grand Rapids Crew Juniors MI 4
GRCJ - Greg Timmer (35:00), Sean Conerty (47:00), Matthew Harkema (67:00) (85:00)
Lou Fusz Gold Popovic MO 0   Rush Nike Argonauts NM 0

Upcoming Matches | Friday, Nov. 19, 2010*
Time Division Home   Away Field
10 a.m. U16 Blue MN Thunder Academy 95 (MN) v CESA 94 Premier (SC) 1
10 a.m. U16 Blue Sockers Cup (IL) v Reston Knights FC (VA) 2
10 a.m. U16 Red Eclipse Select 94/95 (IL) v Concorde Fire Elite (GA) 3
10 a.m. U16 Red AHFC 95 (S-TX) v Beachside (CT) 4
10 a.m. U17 Red CUP Crew Jrs Gold (OH-S) v Dallas Texans Red (N-TX) 5
10 a.m. U17 Red Penn Fusion Celtic (E-PA) v Commack SC United (E-NY) 6
12 p.m. U15 Red 95 CSA Charlotte SA Predator (NC) v Lehigh Valley United 95 (E-PA) 1
12 p.m. U15 Red Michigan Jaguars (MI) v Team America 95 Stripes (VA) 2
12 p.m. U16 Red Downtown Rapids 95 Gold (NV) v Raiders FC (IL) 5
12 p.m. U16 Red AC Bethesda (MD) v Team Ohio FC Juventus (OH-S) 6
12 p.m. U17 Red Rush Nike Argonauts (NM) v CESA 93 Premier (SC) 3
12 p.m. U17 Red Grand Rapids Crew Juniors (MI) v Lou Fusz Gold Popovic (MO) 4
2 p.m. U15 Red Classics Eagles Red (OH-S) v CESA 95 Premier (SC) 3
2 p.m. U15 Red SDFC 09 Gauchos (NJ) v LAFC Houstonians 96 (S-TX) 4
2 p.m. U16 Blue Albion White (CA-S) v Lake Grove United (E-NY) 1
2 p.m. U16 Blue Eastside FC 94 Red (WA) v Everest SC Black (OH-N) 2
2 p.m. U17 Blue Blast FC (OH-S) v Javanon 94 (KY) 5
2 p.m. U17 Blue Waza FC 94 Black (MI) v TSC 94 Black (OK) 6
4 p.m. U15 Blue Penn Fusion 95 (E-PA) v OBGC Rangers (MD) 3
4 p.m. U15 Blue CUP Crew Juniors Gold (OH-S) v Lonestar 96 Red (S-TX) 4
4 p.m. U15 Blue Scottsdale Soccer 96 Blackhawks (AZ) v West Pines United Black (FL) 5
4 p.m. U15 Blue FC Dallas Youth 96 (N-TX) v Concorde Fire (GA) 6
4 p.m. U17 Blue Sereno 94 White (AZ) v PSC Coppa 93 (E-PA) 1
4 p.m. U17 Blue RSL Florida 93 (FL) v Annandale United FC (VA) 2
*Subject to change          

Keep up with the National League all season:
National League Home:
Schedule and results:​League/
Twitter: @nationalleague
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