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Day three of 2010-2011 US Youth Soccer National League Boys play completes

November 20, 2010 04:15 PM
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WILSON, N.C. (Nov. 20, 2010) – Only one more day remains in the opening weekend of the US Youth Soccer National League boys play with Sunday's matches solidifying team standings until the next meeting in Weston, Fla., Feb. 19-21. 

"It's (US Youth Soccer National League) a quality event with quality players, and it's very competitive. There's obviously something to play for; everybody wants to be a national champion," said Erik Imler of the U.S. Soccer Under-17 Residency Program. "So, we're here to check it out. We know there are good teams and good players representing those teams."

Imler is only one of the numerous coaches who has attended the National League games this weekend in search of America's Best who are ready or on track to compete at the next level, whether it is at the collegiate, professional or national team level.

The final day of matches will be played at Wilson Gillette Soccer Complex with select Under-15 games being played at Fike High School and Barton College. National League Boys will meet next in Weston, Fla., Feb. 19-21, and then in Las Vegas in March 18-20. For a complete US Youth Soccer National League schedule, click here.

Some highlights from today's matches…
Under-15 Boys
Classics Eagles Red (OH-S) knew they were in for a challenge as they met reigning Region I Champion, Lehigh Valley United 95 (E-PA), in the Under-15 Boys red division. Josh McErlean gladly stepped up in the 9th and 11th minutes to give Classics the 2-0 advantage. Wrapping up the 3-0 victory was a Hunter Robertson goal in the 75th for Classics to end day three with a 2-0-1 record.

The Under-15 Boys blue division matched up two teams undefeated in league play with OBGC Rangers (MD) and FC Dallas Youth 96 (N-TX). Tanner Gardner hit a 4th minute opener for the early FC Dallas lead. Minutes after the half, Luis Hernandez upped the FC Dallas lead to 2-0, but Karl Brown countered for OBGC in the 48th. Paulo Sanchez added some cushion for FC Dallas in the 53rd taking the score the 3-1, but OBGC again countered in the 71st with an Ismail Lapp-Kamara goal. FC Dallas held onto the 3-2 lead for the win and a perfect record in the first three games.

Scottsdale Soccer 96 Blackhawks (AZ) slotted a 2-0 victory over Lonestars 96 Red (S-TX) to remain at the top of the Under-15 Boys blue division with a 3-0-0 record. US Youth Soccer Region IV Olympic Development Program players Luis Lopez and Grant Lillard netted the two Scottsdale goals in the 12th and 80th minutes.

Under-16 Boys
Concorde Fire Elite (GA) slated their third win of league play against Downtown Rapids 95 Gold (NV) with a 2-1 final result. The Rapids' Juan Carlos Regalado Jr. posted a goal in the 46th minute, but Concorde countered in the 64th with a Kyle Richards goal. Shaban Abousaud finalized the win with his 79th minute goal allowing Concorde to go into the final day of games undefeated and seated at the top of the Under-16 Boys red division standings.

In the Under-16 Boys red division, Beachside (CT) and AC Bethesda (MD) were both looking to capture their second win of league play, but the even match up held true resulting in a 0-0 final. The two teams both hold a 1-0-2 record, but AC Bethesda holds the upper hand with a goal differential of four.

2010 Region II semifinalists, Sockers Cup (IL), went up 1-0 over  Everest SC Black (OH-N) with a 9th minute Jacob Bevan goal. The Sockers' held tight to the lead until National Team player James Haunt broke out with a 77th minute Everest goal. Bryan Burrows secured the Everest win with an 80th minute shot for the 2-1 final. Sockers and Everest both hold a 1-1-1 record in the Under-16 Boys blue division with Sockers on top thanks to a goal differential of two.

Under-17 Boys
In the Under-17 Boys blue division, the reigning Region I Champion, PSC Coppa 93 (E-PA), and 2009-2010 National League runner up, Blast FC (OH-S), met. Kevin Nelms stuck one for PSC in the 29th minute, and as the clock ran down, the game looked to end with a  1-0 decision. In the 90th minute, Emmanuel Appiah hit the Blast equalizer for the 1-1 knot.

In the Under-17 Boys blue division Annandale United FC (VA) and Waza FC 94 Black (MI) held one another off in a game that was sure to end with zeros across the board. Annandale's game changer came from Eric Schmidt in the 90th minute for Annandale to tally their second win of league play.

Sereno 94 White (AZ) were sitting at the top of the Under-17 Boys blue division entering today's match against Javanon 94 (KY). John Manga put Javanon up 1-0 in the 37th minute. Sereno kept the Javanon keeper, Vince Shaw, on his toes but were unable to finish for the 1-0 final score to move Sereno into third and Javanon into second place in the division.
National League action continues Sunday, Nov. 21 with games at 7:30, 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. at Wilson Gillette Soccer Complex, Fike High School and Barton College. For complete standings, scores and schedules, click here or go to /National_League/. 

US Youth Soccer National League Results | Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010
Under-15 Boys  Blue            
OBGC Rangers MD 2   FC Dallas Youth 96 TX-N 3
FCD - Tanner Gardner (4:00), Luis Hernandez (44:00), Paulo Sanchez (53:00) | RANG - Karl Brown (48:00), Ismail Lapp-Kamara (71:00)
Lonestar 96 Red TX-S 0   Scottsdale Soccer 96 Blackhawks AZ 2
96BH - Luis  Lopez (12:00) | 96BH - Grant Lillard (80:00)    
West Pines United Black FL 2   CUP Crew Juniors Gold OH-S 0
WPU - Bryan Gonzalez (53:00), Bryan Gonzalez (64:00)    
Concorde Fire  GA 2   Penn Fusion 95 PA-E 4
CFE - Julio Jimenez (6:00), Adam Abdelloui (25:00) | PF95 - Matthew Greer (3:00), Zachary Zandi (51:00), Joseph Hansen (58:00), Kevin Traynor III (74:00)
Under-15 Boys Red            
Lehigh Valley United 95 PA-E 0   Classics Eagles Red OH-S 3
CEFC - Josh McErlean (9:00), Josh McErlean (11:00), Hunter  Robertson (75:00)    
Team America 95 Stripes VA 0   SDFC 09 Gauchos NJ 3
SDFC - Harrison Steadman (15:00), Patrick  Thees (40:00), Alexander Patel (59:00)  
CESA 95 Premier SC 2   Michigan Jaguars MI 3
CESA - Ryan Bertling (13:00), Ryan Bertling (20:00) | JAGS - Nathan McLean (28:00), Nathan McLean (35:00), Matthew Kiura (76:00)
LAFC Houstonians '96 TX-S 1   95 CSA Charlotte SA Predator NC 1
HOUS - Flavio Bonavides (24:00) | CSA - Charles F. Coulson (64:00)    
Under-16 Boys Blue            
CESA 94 Premier SC 0   Albion White CA-S 3
ASC - Ariel Lassiter (11:00) (54:00) (63:00)      
Reston Knights FC VA 1   Eastside FC 94 Red WA 4
KFC - Joshua Lemaster (63:00) | EFC - Jordan Morris (8:00), Joseph Mancini (51:00), Peter Sokolis (73:00), James Molyneux-Elliot (76:00)
Lake Grove United NY-E 3   MN Thunder Academy 95 MN 1
Unknown, update will be posted on    
Everest SC Black OH-N 2   Sockers U 16 Cup  IL 1
EVER - James Haupt (77:00) | EVER - Bryan  Burrows (80:00) | SOCK - Jacob Bevan (9:00)
Under-16 Boys Red            
Concorde Fire Elite GA 2   Downtown Rapids 95 Gold NV 1
CFE - Kyle Richards (64:00), Shaban Abousaud (79:00) | DR95 - Juan Carlos Regalado JR (46:00)
Beachside CT 0   AC Bethesda MD 0
Raiders FC IL 2   AHFC 95B TX-S 0
RFC - Gabriel Martinez (51:00), Alexis Monteon (66:00)    
Team Ohio FC Juventus OH-S 1   Eclipse Select 94 95 IL 3
TOJU - Alec Binger  (43:00) | ECLP - Sean Kirwan (20:00) , (71:00), (74:00)    
Under-17 Boys Blue            
PSC Coppa 93 PA-E 1   Blast FC OH-S 1
PSC  - Kevin Nelms (29:00) | BFC - Emmanuel Appiah (90:00)    
Annandale United FC VA 1   Waza FC 94 Black MI 0
ANNU - Eric Schmidt (90:00)          
Javanon 94  KY 1   Sereno 94 White AZ 0
J94 - John Manga (37:00)            
TSC 94 Black OK 2   RSL Florida 93 FL 0
TSC - Michael Williamson (58:00), Anesuishe Raranje (79:00) | RSLF - Raeshaun Washington (68:00)
Under-17 Boys Red            
Dallas Texans Red-Dallas TX-N 1   Grand Rapids Crew Juniors MI 0
DTR - Karl De Zoeten (11:00)          
Commack SC United NY-E 1   Rush Nike Argonauts NM 2
CSCU - Max Aronica (5:00) | ARGO - Isaiah Madrid (47:00), Marcos Cordova (54:00)  
CESA 93 Boys Premier SC 0   CUP Crew Jrs U 17 Gold OH-S 1
CUP - Calum Latham (33:00)          
Lou Fusz Gold Popovic MO 3   Penn Fusion Celtic PA-E 1
LOUF - Robert Adams (54:00), Robert O'Keefe (59:00), Robert Adams (79:00) | CELT - Daniel Matthews (55:00)

Upcoming Matches | Sunday, Nov. 21, 2010* 
Time Division Home   Away Field
7:30 a.m. U15 Blue Scottsdale Soccer 96 Blackhawks (AZ) v OBGC Rangers (MD) Fike
7:30 a.m. U15 Red SDFC 09 Gauchos (NJ) v Lehigh Valley United 95 (E-PA) Barton
7:30 a.m. U16 Blue Eastside FC 94 Red (WA) v CESA 94 Premier (SC) 3
7:30 a.m. U16 Blue Albion White (CA-S) v Reston Knights FC (VA) 5
7:30 a.m. U16 Red Downtown Rapids 95 Gold (NV) v Beachside (CT) 1
7:30 a.m. U17 Blue RSL Florida 93 (FL) v Javanon 94 (KY) 2
7:30 a.m. U17 Blue Sereno 94 White (AZ) v TSC 94 Black (OK) 4
7:30 a.m. U17 Red Rush Nike Argonauts (NM) v Dallas Texans Red (N-TX) 6
9:30 a.m. U15 Blue CUP Crew Juniors Gold (OH-S) v Concorde Fire (GA) Fike
9:30 a.m. U15 Red Michigan Jaguars (MI) v LAFC Houstonians 96 (S-TX) Barton
9:30 a.m. U16 Blue Sockers Cup (IL) v Lake Grove United (E-NY) 4
9:30 a.m. U16 Blue MN Thunder Academy 95 (MN) v Everest SC Black (OH-N) 5
9:30 a.m. U16 Red Eclipse Select 94/95 (IL) v Raiders FC (IL) 6
9:30 a.m. U17 Blue Blast FC (OH-S) v Annandale United FC (VA) 1
9:30 a.m. U17 Red Grand Rapids Crew Juniors (MI) v Commack SC United (E-NY) 2
9:30 a.m. U17 Red Penn Fusion Celtic (E-PA) v CESA 93 Boys Premier (SC) 3
11:30 a.m. U15 Blue FC Dallas Youth 96 (N-TX) v Lonestar 96 Red (S-TX) 1
11:30 a.m. U15 Blue Penn Fusion 95 (E-PA) v West Pines United Black (FL) Fike
11:30 a.m. U15 Red Classics Eagles Red (OH-S) v Team America 95 Stripes (VA) Barton
11:30 a.m. U15 Red 95 CSA Charlotte SA Predator (NC) v CESA 95 Premier (SC) 2
11:30 a.m. U16 Red AC Bethesda (MD) v Concorde Fire Elite (GA) 4
11:30 a.m. U16 Red AHFC 95B (S-TX) v Team Ohio FC Juventus (OH-S) 6
11:30 a.m. U17 Blue Waza FC 94 Black (MI) v PSC Coppa 93 (E-PA) 3
11:30 a.m. U17 Red CUP Crew JrS Gold (OH-S) v Lou Fusz Gold Popovic (MO) 5
*Subject to change 
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