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Hey Doc, When Can I Return to Play?

CDC logoHealth care professionals play a critical role in helping young athletes return safely to school and play following a concussion.
Check out a NEW CDC/Medscape video commentary with CDC's Dr. David Sugerman that includes key steps health care professionals should take when managing return to play among young athletes following a concussion:

For more information about diagnosing and managing concussion, check out CDC's new FREE online training for health care professionals developed in partnership with the NFL and the CDC Foundation.

Additionally, US Youth Soccer created an introductory course to concussions, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You can take the FREE online course through US Youth Soccer, Heads Up: Concussion in Sports Intro Course,  on

In 2011, US Youth Soccer partnered with the CDC's "Heads Up" Concussion program and adopted a concussion protocol for its largest tournament, the US Youth Soccer National Championships Series. Once players are suspected of having a concussion they must sit out of play for at least 24 hours. A player diagnosed with a possible concussion may return to US Youth Soccer play only after release from a licensed medical doctor specializing in concussion treatment and management.

Click here to find a list of concussion resources from the CDC.



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